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  1. Houston Texans...

    OK I don't want to get off on the wrong foot. I apologize to Big John again and rajncajn. I do not want to insult people. I will exercise better judgment as I love The Huddle! I get a little bloody in the pants when I don't have football to watch. Again my apologies to my fellow Huddlers.
  2. Houston Texans...

    Thanks for the insight communist pope.
  3. Houston Texans...

    LMAO rajncajn. You are why Louisiana has a bad rap. Get a life, loser.
  4. Houston Texans...

    Sorry Big John.
  5. Houston Texans...

    I was born in Louisiana and now live in Texas... I can't be a Texans and Saints fan?
  6. Houston Texans...

    Nevermind, i didn't know I stumbled into the MORAN forum...
  7. Houston Texans...

    No wonder you have over 19K posts with garbage like that...
  8. Houston Texans...

    It is... I should have said I have new concerns about the direction of the club.
  9. And the Pats Kicker will be?

    I agree with Flutie Flakes. I love seeing little leprchauns blow ACLs celebrating XPs! Bruschi will be the holder w/o a doubt.
  10. Houston Texans...

    Everyday I see another team snatching up a good player via free agency. Everyone in the league seems to want to get better. What are the Texans doing? Who have they picked up? Not only that but it looks more and more like they will select Bush and NEVER address their O and D line issues? Anyone know what the hell is going on with this franchise? After such a promising start, they sure do look like the laughing stock of the league right now. I am a Texans fan and I am becoming concerned. This team is no better off than the way they ended last year. P.S. Terrell Owens is going to go nuts against them late next year.
  11. TO a Cowboy

    I couldn't think of a better place for TO. Cowboy fans don't fret, TO will DOMINATE! "Get your popcorn ready!" TO is the man! 15-18 TDs, 1500 yds. guaranteed!
  12. If Parcell's steps down ....

    Nevermind his legacy, how about that spare tire he wears under his belt. Man that thing is sexy!
  13. Top 10 for Next Season

    My top 10: 1. Larry Johnson 2. Larry Johnson 3. Larry Johnson 4. Larry Johnson 5. Larry Johnson 6. Larry Johnson 7. Larry Johnson 8. Larry Johnson 9. Larry Johnson 10. Larry Johnson If he would have started all 16 games, he would have destroyed the TD record and would have had 2000+ rushing. If KC doesn't trade Priest, they are dumb. If you don't draft Larry next year, you're dumb!
  14. God Bless Larry Johnson!

    Won my keeper league championship for the first time! I can keep three next year. Hmm, let's see my options: Tomlinson L. Johnson Eli Manning, Owens... Next year already looks good!
  15. Raising Your Kid The Right Way

    the horror...