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  1. Who to start at flex?

    Williams then Harris.
  2. TE's

    I have OJ Howard and Ertz. Kmet, Hooper, Everett, Henry and Firsker are available. TD heavy scoring. Who should I use this week and roster for the season? I like Ertz and Kmet.
  3. Which one for waiver pick?
  4. Which one for waiver pick?
  5. Which one for waiver pick?
  6. Who do you pick up?
  7. Sunday Football Thread

  8. RB2 - Henderson vs Harris

  9. Need a TE. Firkser or Hooper

    They are talking about getting Hooper more involved but it's kinda of a toss up. I can see Cleveland getting behind so Hooper.
  10. RB help

    Have A Jones, J Taylor in the lineup.Which one for flex Mostert or Carson? Thanks.
  11. Kevin Jones

    HE SUCKS #$#$%$$%^
  12. Ok.. need QB help esp this week with Vick Bye

    I would'nt give jackson for leftwich pick up a QB on the waiver wire.The guy is hurting at rb. Give him Jordan
  13. Owens for C.Johnson

    I've been offered Owens for C Johnson. Seems theres alot of upside with Owens and Johnson is surrounded by Henry and TJ. Doesnt seem to be enough balls to go around in Cincinnati. Johnson 1 td in 4 games.