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  1. Godspeed to the promised land Aqua.

  2. RIP Aqua. You will be missed.

  3. Rest in Peace Aqua ...and may your family be strong and receive Comfort , Courage and Peace from the good Lord

  4. Rest in Peace Aqua. :(

  5. Aqua, we will truly miss you.

  6. Single best album rock ever produced

    Rock is questionable. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.
  7. Single best album rock ever produced

    Who's Next
  8. My point is that their was fear then but it didn't happen opposed to everyday fear today and it has happened and may happen again. So having lived in both decades I ended up safe in the 50's, but it's still up in the air this decade. Every decade has paranoia of something.
  9. Treated lumber

    I use Flood CWF-UV Cedar stain. My stairs and deck get about 50-50 shade/direct sunlight.
  10. You talking about the nuclear threat that never happened versus the terrorist threat today that has happened and might again?