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  1. Single best album rock ever produced

    Rock is questionable. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.
  2. Single best album rock ever produced

    Who's Next
  3. My point is that their was fear then but it didn't happen opposed to everyday fear today and it has happened and may happen again. So having lived in both decades I ended up safe in the 50's, but it's still up in the air this decade. Every decade has paranoia of something.
  4. Treated lumber

    I use Flood CWF-UV Cedar stain. My stairs and deck get about 50-50 shade/direct sunlight.
  5. You talking about the nuclear threat that never happened versus the terrorist threat today that has happened and might again?
  6. Treated lumber

    I bought a sprayer when I first put mine up. If there's the least bit of wind it a terrible experience, the stain is so thin it doesn't take much for it to go back in your face. I used it about 15 minutes then put it back in the box and used the brush. The sprayer been in the cellar for the last 12 or so years.
  7. It's Hotter then

  8. Important news

    It will now.
  9. Treated lumber

    It wasn't a year but it was a good 9-10 months before I stained mine. Its lasted 12 years now without replaced any planks. I reseal every two years.
  10. The eggplant dish is Moussaka and its great.
  11. I would have to go with the fifties. After the war there were lots of changes going on. Middle class America grew. I guess you could argue that it only got better for white America though. Plus the music started changing for the better.
  12. If you don't know him by now he hates everything and everybody.
  13. UAW vs. Japan

    When I was working mine only got 2 10 minute breaks in 8 hours. We also got a 25 minute lunch which was unpaid.
  14. Whatcha listenin to

    Thanks sky that was it. I believe the Hampton Roads venue was just being built at the time. Of course I could be wrong.
  15. Whatcha listenin to

    What was the little venue in Virginia Beach (I think or Norfolk). Great acoustics, little dome, saw James Gang there in about '71 or 72'.
  16. Whatcha listenin to

    Magician's Birthday
  17. Thought these were funny...

    Bg John will be around shortly.
  18. Best foreign rock band.

    Tull The Hollies Yes ELP Moody Blues Sabbath Ten Years After
  19. Greatest American Rock Band

    Wasn't Muddy Waters their biggest influence?
  20. Greatest American Rock Band

    Boy how did I miss them? Good one Yuke.
  21. So, I just googled "wiegie"

    I think I was just called an idiot.
  22. So, I just googled "wiegie"

    Who the hell is this idiot? I didn't expect that as the first hit on google.