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  1. South African Watering hole 24/7

    Bunch of zebras now.
  2. Semifinalists for HoF announced

    Mathews should be a shoe in.
  3. Anyone watching Jericho?

    Unfortunatly there's only two more episodes. Excellent series.
  4. Local Soldier Killed in Iraq.

    So sad.
  5. Did You Pay Attention in High School?

    Same for me.
  6. Where is Clubfoothead

    What the doc said.
  7. South African Watering hole 24/7

    That shadow in the foreground is kinda scary.
  8. So's very sad

    Sorry gil. She is in my thoughts and prayers.
  9. South African Watering hole 24/7

    I'm thinking it must have some kind of motion sensor on the camera. It zooms in pretty good for a webcam.
  10. Flat out funny

    The first clip was on America's Funniest Home Videos. They won the big prize, I think 100,000 dollars.
  11. South African Watering hole 24/7

    Sure is a lot of crap laying around the field. Pretty big piles in fact.
  12. South African Watering hole 24/7

    Lot of deerlike animals coming in now.
  13. Ex-athletes. Some win - some lose.

    Jack Kemp was also pretty successful.
  14. fwiw, I'm still tipsy

    All I was saying is that although I live in Pennsylvania I root for Buffalo.
  15. fwiw, I'm still tipsy

    Me as well. I did my part in Pennsylvania.
  16. It's probably not your favorite song but

    For spain and TimC. Southern Man
  17. How Many TV's

    Wow! I thought I had a lot at 4. Oh and we never had a TV til I was 7 or 8.
  18. How Many TV's

    Wow! I thought I had a lot at 4.
  19. Dogs and kidney problems

    So sorry squeegie.
  20. DVD Suggestions

    Another thumbs up. I don't know how much weight he lost for this movie but it had to be quite a lot.
  21. Lost

    My sentiments exactly.
  22. Rock and Roll HoF nominees

    Finally they selected my most favorite group. What a friggin joke.
  23. Dogs and kidney problems

    I had my dog (13) to the vet this week for blood tests. The results came back that he had beginning of kidney disease. She told us to try to wean him away from most of his protein. Give him more water with his feedings and make sure the water bowl is always full. (which we do) He likes fruits and vegetables (raw) and she said that was very good source of water for him. Hope this helps a little. I hope everything turns out alright for your little bugger. Ya just don't know how you miss them till they are gone.