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  1. New addition to the Chavez household

    Congrats! Chances are that you will get little sleep.
  2. DeAngelo Williams

    If you want to get technical, it was punts.
  3. Well it only took 1 week....

    Clinically what do you think is her problem?
  4. NFL Sunday Ticket / MFL Gameday

    Yep, great feature.
  5. Bledsoe

    Worst game? I don't know, anybody remember his games in Buffalo?
  6. How can u not like Tiki?

    Look at the name. He might be a she.
  7. Willis McGahee

    I wouln't say he stole a TD. It was a 18 yard run by Thomas.
  8. How can u not like Tiki?

    Larry Fitzgerald is pretty classy too.
  9. Notre Dame is going DOWN !

    +1 Except I'm in NW PA. and a Pitt fan.
  10. Notre Dame is going DOWN !

    Oh my, I can't stop You just need to to stick the other foot in your mouth.
  11. remember these?

    That is one crooked finger.
  12. Extra Income by Completing Surveys

    Are you the lead singer for Steppenwolf?
  13. Beer Sucks

    You're supposed to cook them first.
  14. Which Will Farrell Character Are You?

    You're Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights! Shake and bake! You live by the saying, "If you ain't first, you're last." It doesn't make much sense to anyone else, but to you, the only thing that matters is being #1. You see life as a race, and you are all revved up to win it. You have tons of energy, and you like fast things, especially fast cars and fast food. You're fine with having brand names and corporate logos all over your clothing, because you consider them extensions of your own identity. You and your best friend are practically inseparable, but lately you've also spent lots of time with your family. You see family-style chain restaurants as the perfect place to bond.
  15. Happy Birthday BIG JOHN!

    Wow you're old BJ. Happy Birthday Big Guy.
  16. Steve Irwin dead

    404 Error The page you requested cannot be found. The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
  17. Notre Dame is going DOWN !

    Yours? And the only game this year I'll be rooting for Notre Dame.
  18. Notre Dame is going DOWN !

    Here we go.
  19. Steve Irwin dead

    I don't know. At least here they are different. Maybe you got a discount for swimming with the stingrays.
  20. Steve Irwin dead

    I believe those are manta rays (without the barb), different from the stingrays.
  21. Brotherhood

    Yep Marauders pretty enjoyable series.
  22. Elk Hunting

    We have wild elk about 20 miles from my house here in W.Pa.
  23. Maryland/VA/PA huddlers...

    Don't make me come down there!
  24. Pittsburgh Mayor Passes at age 61

    Boy that didn't take long. It doesn't seem that long ago that his illness was announced. God Bless him and his family.
  25. She had to call 911 for this?

    What are we protecting you from? A wrong cheeseburger.