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  1. The Greatest President of Our Time

    What happened to the other post ??
  2. Are You Armed

    I have about 15 or so laying around here somewhere.
  3. Enjoy your holiday today

    If anyone would know that date it would be you sky.
  4. do's and donts when meeting a huddler

    Yes but you'll always be a noob to a lot of us.
  5. It's so hot...

    At the aqua ranch
  6. It's so hot...

    Yea to bad she passed a year ago.
  7. i am sticky

    I think you might be right ??
  8. Bronx is Burning

    TIVO's set to go. Not a fan either but Jackson and Martin haveta be good TV.
  9. I'm Finally Out Of the Dark Ages....

    64 or the 91 bead version?
  10. Virginia Beach Golf, does anyone know...

    Nope, not gonna say it.
  11. I'm Finally Out Of the Dark Ages....

    Couldn't afford the 8MB
  12. I'm Finally Out Of the Dark Ages....

    That was my first. 212MB HD, 4MB RAM.
  13. caption this photo

    "Try outs started today and it seems like Gramatica is just a hair off on his kicks."
  14. Prayers Needed

    So sorry Timmy. Prayers going out to you and your whole family during this hardest of times.
  15. On Tap Tonight, Erie Brewing Co.

    My son lives in Erie and he likes it a lot. I think it has a rather high alcohol content for PA. That's probably the reason.
  16. Huddler Mechanics

    My guess off the bat would have been the blown head gasket. Put these new cars (once the computers were installed) have me completely befuddled.
  17. Kid sucked into drainage pipe in wading pool

    I feel so sad for the family and especially for the little girl. Things like this show how much all the things we bitch about are so trivial.
  18. Sulfer water...BLECH!

    [Try here.
  19. Heading to the hills...

    A real hillbilly doesn't even know what low brass is.
  20. My house is in a war zone

    Oh and I feel so sorry for my dog during the week of the fourth, he shakes so bad and loses so much hair during that time it is totally ridiculous. He's 14 and I know he's going to have the big one one of this Fourth's.
  21. My house is in a war zone

    I vote that you ended up with a little brown in your pants.
  22. I don't care what you say. . .

    Koboyashi barfs on number 66. Gets 3 dog demerit.
  23. I can't believe that I've become this guy, but...

    Cute kid. Is that a dildo on the cabinet?