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  1. simple question

    If they gave him 35 dollars than that didn't average out to 10 dollars apiece so they are out more than 9 dollars after the guy gives them the buck a piece back.
  2. OK....I'll start it........

    May all have a safe and great 4th.
  3. Music Lyrics Quiz

    3. Bad bad Leroy Brown.
  4. How do ya mix

    I don't know how I should take this.
  5. Music Lyrics Quiz

    Now I know 1 and 3.
  6. Music Lyrics Quiz

    I only know 1 and 7. 3 and 7 are the same.
  7. I Need Some Songs In The Vein Of...

    At least I know two of the songs.
  8. Frist we take Manhatten........................

    Yea I know. I have some up in the attic somewhere.
  9. Attention Chicagoland Huddlers

    He must have meant me.
  10. Personal Photo

    Me too.
  11. New Boards

    When I hit it it doesn't do anything.
  12. New Boards

    Yep, mine is also on the right.
  13. Who is the best?

    It's gotta be Jim Brown.
  14. Frist we take Manhatten........................

    He comes up with some good lines. I really like when he gives Al Bundy the "I'm watching you sign." Points at both his eyes then points at Al.
  15. Frist we take Manhatten........................

    That's one dysfunctional family.
  16. Are they obligated......

    +1 Of course if you are a regular customer at a certain bar or club I think that they should.
  17. Drive in movies

    Go to a couple each year. The old drive-in from my teens reopened about 10 years ago. It's only about 10 miles away.
  18. Who is the best?

    Where's the donk option?
  19. if you wanna be my lover

    I thought this was gonna be about Alice Cooper.
  20. Garden Question

    If you have any hanging on the ground cut all those off. Just as long as they don't look like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree after you are done with them.
  21. Garden Question

    Yep. They're called suckers because they suck the juice away from the rest of the plant. Don't go hog wild on them, cut the bottom stems away from the main stalk. You can also cut the little ones off the branches of ones that have blossoms or fruit also.
  22. When breaking up

    How would future gf's know anyhow?
  23. How do ya mix

    Add 3 ice cubes to 12oz. glass fill 3/4 full of Glenfiddich. Sometimes I substitute the Glen for Hennesy.