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  1. Whoa...who changed my avatar?

  2. Quack...

    That's just Daffy.
  3. Chips

    Gibbles Red Hot
  4. Elderly Neighbor Question

    I'm all for you reap what you sow. F'her.
  5. Need Good Thoughts

    In my thoughts and prayers END.
  6. Fields of Logic

    16 in 25
  7. Just got some very good news.

    30 years to build a house. If I was Freddy I'd be pissed.
  8. The biggest "Awwwwwwwwww" you'll have all day

    Venison and rabbit. Yum! Yum!
  9. Attention golfers...

    I'll be in the Keys at that time. Come on down, it's only a couple hours away. I don't think you drink but I'll buy you a beverage of your choice. Have fun.
  10. Best Country Song Ever!

    Isn't that the dude from Rodney? A sitcom that got axed. I thought it was pretty dang good.
  11. How did you propose to your loved one?

    I'm sure she's a nice girl.
  12. Age Test

    Missed 2.
  13. My Fine was....

    .10 cents
  14. Lipitor

    I take Vytorin and it seems to agree with me pretty good plus it has dropped my cholesterol over 200 points as of my last appointment. Now my Triglycerides are another story.
  15. The Godfather of Soul passed away

    Sad, Sad day. RIP
  16. Happy Festivus

    When did we start celebrating that guy on Gunsmoke?
  17. Merry Christmas!

  18. Clive Cussler/Dirk Pitt fans

    I bet you would like his co-author's books (I believe 2) as well. Jack DuBrul, same adventurous story concept except the main character is a geologist.
  19. Clive Cussler/Dirk Pitt fans

    BTW I got the list from Novelist. Its a database for the libraries. It takes your library card number to get access.
  20. Clive Cussler/Dirk Pitt fans

    1. Cussler, Clive Childrens Adventures of Vin Fiz, The (2006) 2. Cussler, Clive Adult Atlantis found (1999) 3. Cussler, Clive Adult Black wind (2004) 4. Cussler, Clive Adult Blue gold: a novel from the Numa files (2000) 5. Cussler, Clive Adult Cyclops: a novel (1986) 6. Cussler, Clive Adult Dark watch (2005) 7. Cussler, Clive Adult Deep six: a novel (1984) 8. Cussler, Clive Adult Dragon: a novel (1990) 9. Cussler, Clive Adult Fire ice: a novel from the NUMA files (2002) 10. Cussler, Clive Adult Flood tide: a novel (1997) 1. Cussler, Clive Golden Buddha (2003) 12. Cussler, Clive Adult Iceberg (1995) Popularity: 13. Cussler, Clive Adult Inca gold (1994) 14. Cussler, Clive Adult Lost city: a Kurt Austin adventure (2004) 15. Cussler, Clive Adult Mediterranean caper, The (1996) 16. Cussler, Clive Adult Night probe! (1981) 17. Cussler, Clive Adult Pacific vortex! (1985) 18. Cussler, Clive Adult Polar shift (2005) 19. Cussler, Clive Adult Raise the Titanic! (1988) 20. Cussler, Clive Adult Sacred stone (2004) 21. Cussler, Clive Sahara: a novel (1992) 22. Cussler, Clive Adult Serpent: a novel from the NUMA Files (1999) 23. Cussler, Clive Adult Shock wave: a novel (1996) Popularity: 24. Cussler, Clive Adult Skeleton coast (2006) 25. Cussler, Clive Adult Treasure (1988) 26. Cussler, Clive Adult Treasure of Khan: a Dirk Pitt novel (2006) 27. Cussler, Clive Adult Trojan odyssey (2003) 28. Cussler, Clive Adult Valhalla rising (2001) P 29. Cussler, Clive Adult Vixen 03 (1979) 30. Cussler, Clive Adult White death: a novel from the NUMA files (2003)
  21. WaWaaaaa!

    Actually I thought he was crying about something again.
  22. hottest girl ever...

  23. Peter Boyle died...

  24. Remembering...

    I thought for sure DMD would have said Skip Hicks.
  25. Christmas Trees

    Real. The wife's co-worker's husband has a Christmas tree farm. We get any size and type we want for 30 dollars. Nice trees.