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  1. Welcome aboard NOOOOOB! ;)

  2. I can not put into proper words........

    I think PD is right on this BB...I seem to recall H8 looking to place bets last season with every Huddler under the sun who'se team happened to be playing the kittens that week.
  3. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    Hmmm...aaaaaaand how's that working out for ya?
  4. Briggs, Bears Close to Deal

    +1. I agree wholeheartedly. Briggs blinked and the Bears won this round of "chicken." His position appears to be changing...not theirs.
  5. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    OK, now that I stopped laughing, that was just way too much information that we did not need to know...!
  6. Priest Holmes

    Chalk me up as skeptical. Last season, and even during this off season, it is reported that Priest was one hit away from paralysis. Now, with LJ threateining to sit out and the Chiefs making it clear (with their ridiculous demands) that he will not be traded, all of a sudden Priest is healthy enough to play? I am not a conspiracy theorist but sorry...I am not buying this at all.
  7. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    The Huddle has a Mr. Irrelevant!! Peeps...everyone knows you. When you sign in, we all stop typing and call out "peepinmofo!"
  8. I can not put into proper words........

    Carolina could go "3D" if that were to occur...Deshawn, DeAngelo and Darren...! I do not agree however, and feel that Carolina is squarely in the playoff hunt.
  9. Tar\ik Glenn to retire?

    Fantasy implications? Manning was othe best protected QB in the teams now bring the house and bull rush that left side? As Manning goes, so go the receivers. What about Addai?
  10. Trade Evaluating Program?

    I ran a work league like that once...4 of the 12 owners had never played before and a few that have played were pretty seasoned. What we did -- the ONLY time I ever did this -- was to put trades up for a vote. This was done to ensure that the noobs weren't being taken advantage of. Our feeling was that trading is an integral part of what makes FF fun...why not allow all to trade and make sure that the noobs get that experience? It worked out very well. None of the trades were overturned, in part due to the vets in the league policing things as well as that rule in place to keep the vultures at bay. Good luck DJ.
  11. Cost of Game Tickets long as people are willing to spend those prices on tickets, brokers will continue to charge insane amounts. Take Perch's example for instance. If a subcontractor knows that by taking Mr. and Mrs. Perch to a game, the cost of the tickets would pale in comparison to the amount of business he could get. It's worth it for them to spend these sums of money...and that is what drives up tix prices.
  12. As per At one point, Lance Briggs said he would never play for the Chicago Bears again. That stance may be a thing of past. The Chicago Tribune reported that as of Tuesday night, there were strong indications the two sides were coming close to an agreement that would end a messy contract dispute and land Briggs in training camp on time. According to the paper, Briggs' agent, Drew Rosenhaus, and the Bears have continued to negotiate even after the July 16 deadline for working out long-term contracts with franchise players. After a visit to Halas Hall last month, Rosenhaus said he had made some creative proposals to the team. But due to league rules, the sides can only agree to a one-year deal after the deadline. The paper reported that one option was paying Briggs up front a large portion of the $7.2 million one-year contract the team tendered -- that would serve as a smaller signing bonus. The Bears also have reportedly offered to rescind the franchise tag on Briggs for 2008 if he agrees to end the contract stalemate. Reached by the newspaper on Tuesday night, Briggs declined to comment. But a teammate told the paper that Briggs had decided to sign and avoid a holdout. Rosenhaus did not respond to inquiries by The Tribune.
  13. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    ...too bad you couldn't keep your word. Now you are back calling people names? Go back into your self-imposed were not missed.
  14. RIP Yankees

    You certainly caught me Ursa!