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  1. WDIS at WR3?

    Couple more responses would be great.I'll respond in kind to yours
  2. Which Def,they all kinda blow

    Anyone at all.Any info will help
  3. qb help

    Go with Young,he's starting to peak with his performance and making better decisons with the ball.
  4. Chester Taylor OR Caddy ?

    Ciatric Fason is likely to start for Min.Caddy sucks,if possible I would find a more viable option.You'd probably get a better game picking up Fason and using him.
  5. Please Help - RB with LT

    Use both Jag runningbacks this week against a complete sieve of a run defense.Of the two,I like Jones-Drew to score higher than Taylor this week.Expect Drew to catch 5-6 balls,run for 80,and score a TD.
  6. WDIS - QB

    I like Vick to do damage throwing and running this week
  7. WDIS - RB?

    Henry is the better play and more likely to get a TD
  8. Sea I guess? Problem is, we get penalized in our league for increased yardage and point totals.None of these options gets me too fired up.Of the three,who can generate the most sacks and turnovers for the week? Sea at Ariz Philly at Wash Tenn at Hou
  9. WDIS at WR3?

    Was very lucky to make the playoffs.Would like to at least give my competition a fight in the first round. Starting Roy Williams and Booker.I'm thinking Henderson cause it's tough to run on Dallas,also NO will probably be forced to the pass early to keep up with Dallas.Farve and Jennings have gone flat.Jennings still seems to be ailing and GB is likely to pound SF with the run.Henry is the 3rd option and hit or miss with limited targets.Marques Robinson is Marques Robinson,great matchup but on a losy team with an eratic QB.Michael Jenkins is on the wire but is also highly volatile and never seems to get many yards.Need all the help I can get! Who of these choices is the best option?(Need full roster in by Thurs evening)
  10. WDIS M. Jones-Drew or Deangelo Williams

    I would play Williams,skins run defense has been poor of late and their starting to pack it in for the season.Williams is more explosive than Foster and a bigger play threat.Look for Williams to continue the hot hand with a good game,better than Jones,and with 8-10 more touches.
  11. Bulger or Favre?

    Bulger is a safer play,but I have Farve in one of my leagues an am playing him over Kitna.NE secondary is decimated with injuries.If the rest of your lineup looks solid I would roll with Farve.Good luck
  12. WDIS at #3 WR

    Agree with Bonedaddies
  13. WDIS @ RB (pick 1)

    Dallas doesn't play kind to running backs.Caddy has not produced all year,try Lundy and hope for the best
  14. Which Defense

    Final thoughts?
  15. WDIS at RB2?

    Anyone else?