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  1. On a scale of one to ten

    Standard Head to Head ten cat. league Team A gives Big Poppy Biggio Rolen Team B gives Morneau Utley Miguel Cabrera
  2. Ugly Bear Fans

    It's all that and then some. I wish I could get the link to work for all. It's the only link I have. You may want to try the NOLA TV website.
  3. Ugly Bear Fans

    Two words: Utterly classless
  4. Edge James

    What he was thinking last night.
  5. Complete list of Former NFL Players

    One for the Seahawk homers. The trifecta! 24. Kelly Stouffer 25. Rick Mirer 26. Dan McGuire
  6. Gonzo gone?

    Let me be the first to say congrats to Chiefs for making the playoffs. I'm stunned. That being said this team is in serious need of rebuilding. Other than LJ, the Chiefs O needs upgrades at every position. Their front seven on D is average at best and the backfield is aging. Gonzo only needs to look around the locker room to understand that this team is far from Super Bowl bound in the tough AFC. Gonzo has had a Hall of Fame career yet that ring is missing. Money is not an issue for Gonzo. He has been paid well by the Chiefs and his handsome mug will keep him employed by CBS, NBC, FOX, or NFL network for years. Sadly for Chiefs fans Gonzo's quest for the ring should lead him out of K.C.
  7. Keeper League Trade

    Dude flat out turned me down. Didn't really even get my offer out there. Believe it or not he had little interest in SA or Wayne. Thanks for the advice anyways, I'll stand pat or make it much more expensive for him.
  8. Keeper League Trade

    75 % TD 25% yardage six keeper league. I am keeping Palmer, LT, Alexander, Wayne, Johnson, and Fitzgerald. Got Alexander this year for a first and LaMont Jordan. I have an offer that gives me Addai, Lee Evans, Ben Watson, and a third round pick for SA, Wayne, Todd Heap, and my worst pick 11th round. Is now the time to get younger? I wasn't planning on keeping Heap hoping to get a thrid for him. What do you think?

    What's wrong with the Giants. Two words Jeremy Shockey. In big game after big game he falls flat. Injuries and shotty performances have tainted his once promising career. The bulldog talk is always backed up with the puppy dog biceps. Giants fans must be shaking their collective heads that he is unavailable yet again in their biggest game of the season. Hey Jeremy, here's a tattoo idea for you. A giant yellow stripe down your back. Get Bent!, Ground Chuck
  10. This may take the cake

    After Sunday night my playoff matchup was tied 57-57. He had Marvin and T.J. yet to go, I had Carson, CJ, and Wayne. After Monday night Marvin and TJ had 14 giving my opponent 71. C.J and Wayne had 10. In the last 3 minutes of garbage time Carson picked up the 150 passing yards he needed to get me 4 points for the tie. Since I have more overall season points I get the tiebreaker. Still alive for $1000. P.S. Did I mention that I got two points for the Charger D fumble recovery on the blocked punt and that the second chance gave Tomlinson his huge run. I started them both as well. And yes I am playing the lotto this week. In ten years I have seen nothing like this.
  11. Blaze of Glory for Favre?

    I have Carson Palmer at Denver and I am starting Favre. Night games vs. the Vikes bring out big things. Freeman's improbable catch. It may not be his last game but what a story it would make if he helped win me the Super Bowl. I always hear the question If you had to win a big game, who would you want at QB? Favre is always on the short list. I'm gonna test that thinking.
  12. Best Transactions You've Made This Year

    Trading Peyton and Portis and a 2008 first and second for LT and Palmer. Not trading CJ when I was tempted to.
  13. LT2 is an unstoppable juggernaut

    Thank you LT. Your 42 helped the Fatty Malones tie for the BFFL league record of 161.
  14. LT

    I agree. The line deserves tons of credit. Maybe they will start gettting some of the credit they deserve.
  15. Romo Time

    Well Done! Mr. Romo Well Done!