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    I am interested in Business, Law and the NFL.
  1. Bang Cartoon

    These cartoons really do ease the painful offseason.
  2. Uh, what the hell happened last night?

    No, but he does look similar to Uncle Vito.
  3. Torry Holt - not a top 10 WR this year

    I'm not sure enough attention was brought to this point. Your league idiot may have good company.
  4. Dolphins give away Ricky Williams' locker

    Yup, now it is clear why his locker was given away.
  5. Suggestions/Help needed

    Start bringing him a plain ham sandwich every day. If he asks "why the F are you bringing me a ham sandwich every day?" Then you can tell him to his face that you want to make it up to him and this is the only way you know how. And the fruitcake doesn't deserve cheese in his sandwich.
  6. the WTO agrees with you spain

    I wouldn't doubt the snuke in her snatch is destroyed from corrosion.
  7. Lendale White trying out for OG?

    I'm not worried about LenDale. He was reported to be fat last year and showed up weighing something like 230 lbs. The fact that he is participating in the team's off season workouts means he has made a commitment to get better. I think people are jumping the gun with LenDale. (I hope...)
  8. Not for liberals or people from Portland...

    I don't think so. I always assumed that being "from" a place means you were born there.
  9. Alright Huddlers...

    I can't believe I got caught! You should have seen my stash. Beautiful.
  10. Not for liberals or people from Portland...

    I am from Portland... but not much of a whiny lib.
  11. iran seizes brit soldiers

    As long as other people are admitting to it too...
  12. So I'm Getting Married Today...

    Another huddler loses his freedom. Why does this keep happening! Good luck with that.
  13. iran seizes brit soldiers

    The Queen is the one who sent troops to Iraq with the coalition of the willing?
  14. iran seizes brit soldiers

    But the Prince isn't Tony Blair's offspring.