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  1. Caddy

    This perplexes me, as well. I have a feeling he'll be making a meteoric rise up boards during TC.
  2. WCOFF role call....

    After missing last year because of military obligations, I was ALL set to rejoin the party this year...then I knocked up my wife on New Year's. You guys will be throwing down beers and tossing dice...I will be waiting on my unborn son. And, no, I don't mean "waiting for him to arrive"; I mean "waiting on him" -- bringing him his requested food and drink, via my wife's mouth. She always tells me that he "puts in his orders" for certain things. Y'all have fun. Just leave the city intact enough so I can rejoin my Huddle's Heroes brethren in 2008.
  3. Report: Decision to Cut Vick due This Week

    Uh, NO. That's the only way the NFLPA could get involved. When did everybody (except BB, apparently) become completely dumb about NFL contracts? Blank can cut Vick anytime he wants. Vick already got the "guaranteed money" from his last contract. Start going after the money you've already paid the man, and, yeah, the NFLPA can start screaming about due process. But you don't need a legal reason to cut a player. C'mon fellas -- use your noggins.
  4. Today is the day..

    Actually, if you ask the coaches in Tampa, they'd tell you his reputation HAS followed him...and that's because they also run a Cover-2. Not the ideal comparison, really.
  5. Today is the day..

    Those two statements seem to contradict each other.
  6. Fantasy Football Magazines Rated

    I've only bought the ESPN mag, and I was pleasantly surprised with a lot of its unique content. They're light years ahead of where they were a few years ago.
  7. Odell Thurman

    I still don't think Thurman will be starting for the Bengals ever again (unless a couple guys get injured). They might retain him on their roster in 2007, but there's just no way they'll put themselves in a position to rely on him as a starter.
  8. IDP MOCK 2007 Best Team Poll

    I agree with the above. I was definitely surprised at how well most of the teams drafted. The apparent parity makes me happy that we're doing an all-play format. All that said... I know opinions can vary and all, but those decisions just make no sense to me. As BB said, this will be getting bumped SEVERAL times during the season.
  9. 2007 IDP Mock Draft Chat, Banter & Bashing

    Bingo. If Scheffler's rated at all, he's overrated in my book. Graham is more than capable as a receiver (in addition to being an outstanding blocker). I wish the Packers had landed Graham.
  10. IDP Team Depth Charts Theirs are pretty accurate (and they also track sacks allowed and penalties for O-linemen -- the only site I've seen to do so).
  11. Odell Thurman

    Past performance aside, I don't think the Bengals are going to invest one more minute into this kid. Marvin Lewis has already made up his mind that he can't trust him.
  12. 2007 Mock Draft writeups

    Swiss Cheezhead -- Jake Richmond -- 4th position My first four picks panned out just as expected. Gates’ extra PPG at TE is definitely worth a 3rd-rounder, and both Cadillac and Colston will outperform their draft spots at RB and WR, respectively. My next two picks were definitely the riskiest of all. I have more faith in Kevin Jones’ health than most, and I believe D.J. Williams will be a top-5 LB in the middle of Denver’s new scheme. The rest of my draft was a balance between grabbing guys who were falling beyond their production level (D. Brooks, N. Barnett, A. Winfield, J. Phillips) and shooting for upside players (R. Brown, V. Jackson, B. Jones, B. Ruud). Despite a handful of players who others might consider “reaches,” I feel this team has no real holes in its starting lineup and is a solid combination of youth and experience.
  13. 2007 IDP Mock Draft Chat, Banter & Bashing

    Hmmm...I see your point; I guess I just disagree. I don't feel good about Kennedy with Gerald Alexander hanging around. I think Marvin White has just as good a chance as Dexter Jackson to take the SS spot in Cincy. And I love Rouse, too, but that spot is a MESS, with Manuel, Culver, Bigby, Underwood, and Rouse all looking like they have nearly equal chances to win it. Still, Rouse is probably the pick I understand most -- if you're considering all of them just "replaceable" DBs. Why not try for upside? I get that...but it doesn't seem to translate to picking Kennedy and Jackson. There are 10 guys still on the waiver wire who I'd draft before those two. Like I said, though, the rest of your team is very solid.
  14. Kevin Jones

    He doesn't scare me at all. His rehab is going great, and based on his level of health right now, there's no reason to believe he won't be ready Week 1. Plus, he's my 3rd RB. I don't have to rely on him, really. I'm fine getting him as my 3rd RB in all my leagues. Maybe I'll just wait longer than the 5th...
  15. Keith Bulluck

    That's a definite glaring error in the magazine (picked up my otherwise-solid copy yesterday). It's also got Brackett as #48 or #49.