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  1. Let's talk about the Metal

    Also, I've seen Tool mentioned a few times in this thread and I have to believe it's misplaced. Are there any serious Tool fans here who can legitimately say that any of the other bands listed compare? I mean, when you're talking about modern metal, I think of the same thing Chavez posted -- "same Cookie Monster on PCP vocals". Comparing anything like that to Maynard is sacreligious!
  2. Let's talk about the Metal

    Well, you're half right.
  3. For those about to dump Kevin Jones--

    First of all, it would be ridiculous to drop Jones from you team, so I assume that "dump" means "trade". If that's the case, anyone would be pretty stupid to dump Jones right now. His value is as low as it could possibly be. However, your numbers aren't really relevant, since he wasn't technically starting until Week 7.
  4. Donovin Darius

    Are we going to see Gerald Sensabaugh? That would be nice. I think that kid could be special.
  5. packer fans

    I agree with the concept, but from where I sat, the O-line played WAY better in the second half against Cleveland. There were several times when Favre had 5+ seconds to throw. Also, Klemm had at least a couple of good pulling blocks that I saw. That's supposed to be his strength, so I'm not ready to hand him a medal. However, the O-line has looked serviceable to me. If Barry is better than Klemm or Whitticker, then he should be in all the time. The U-71 hasn't exactly been "dominant" this year, anyway.
  6. packer fans

    Except those couple of times when Fisher was in and they ran a draw...and got stuffed.
  7. Wow, has the away crowd ever been so noisy?

    Yep. No excuses for the NFL. Was it really impossible to find at least a neutral site for the game? Not only that, but I'd be pissed if I were the Cowboys, Redskins, or Eagles. The Giants get an extra home game.
  8. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    ...unless you saw how talented he was at Auburn. Ronnie Brown looked like a man among boys, mostly because he had the power to run over college kids and the speed to run away from them afterward. Cadillac, on the other hand, was just a PURE running back. Vision, agility, burst, speed -- everything you want. The only real knock on him was that he was just under 210 pounds. When he bulked up to 217 during the offseason, I was 100% sure he was going to be the best of the rookies and had a good chance to be a great one.
  9. Betting League

    Wow...rough week for everybody. At first glance, Chavez is the only one who will be over .500 for Week 2. I don't know how the Ravens only managed 10 points against the Titans. I think the real Jamal Lewis is still in jail. I'm still wondering how I didn't win the under bet on the Eagles/9ers game. McNabb stayed in long enough to throw FIVE TDs? Plus, if the freakin' San Fran defense could have kept Lamar freaking Gordon out of the end zone and forced a field goal at the end of the game, I still would have won. Oh well.
  10. the first to get the axe

    Exactly. I've never understood the mid-season firing approach. It might work in the NBA or NHL, but I can't imagine it working in the NFL.
  11. packer fans

    I'm an eternal optimist, so 0-2 in this division doesn't look that bad to me. I mean, at least the offense did SOMETHING today. Unfortunately, Joey Thomas and Mark Roman played like ass and made Dilfer look like a gunslinger. I believe if Roman had made the tackle on Heiden (instead of whiffing and letting him run for a TD), Favre would have marched down the field and Longwell would have kicked the winning field goal. Unfortunately, Roman would get juked out of his jock by a snail. On the flip side, our O-line looked like it made some nice strides in this game. Favre frequently had a TON of time to throw and we were finally able to get some success with pulling guards throwing blocks on outside runs. As for the future, I can't see how it's that bad. We're starting out with a very good 2005 draft featuring a very talented QB, a 2nd-round safety who forced his way into the starting lineup, a 7th-round guard who did the same, a stud WR, and a couple of solid contributors at DL and LB. I believe we have 11 rookies on the roster, which says something about this year's draft. Thompson will continue to manage the cap well and, hopefully, continue his success evaluating talent. Sherman will at least run the offense for a while, which is good, and Bates will either be DC or HC down the road. Doesn't sound like doomsday to me.
  12. Holmes is looking old!

    Yep. However, there were a handful of runs where Holmes DID I noticed he wasn't seamlessly flowing through holes right when they opened. He bounced a few outside right as an inside lane opened. Uncharacteristic, I thought.
  13. Did Theezman and Crew

  14. Defensive Linemen Starting LDE: Aaron Kampman. Kamp had a very solid season for both the Packers and his IDP owners in 2004, finishing with four sacks and one of the highest solo-tackle totals among NFL DEs. He’s not a special player by any means, but he’s pretty much what you look for in a strongside DE starter. He consistently finds the ball-carrier near the line of scrimmage and will add the occasional sack and batted pass. Last season, he had very little help along the D-line and still produced top-20 fantasy DL numbers. There’s no reason to believe he won’t at least duplicate, if not exceed, the same production especially if the rest of the line improves. Offseason grade: B. By all accounts, Kampman has been his usual steady, if unspectacular, self. Given all the question marks on the defense, he’s one player the coaching staff shouldn’t have to worry about. However, there’s been some speculation (not from coaches) that Coach Bates will eventually look for more formidable pass-rusher to replace Kampman, since Bates doesn’t like to blitz. Either way, it’s not happening this season. Primary Backup LDE: Kenny Peterson A former DT standout at Ohio State, Peterson is somewhat undersized, so he’s been learning the DE position since being a 3rd-round pick in 2003. He's still the favorite for backup strong-side DE, but he hasn't been very impressive in camp this year. I'm beginning to think they need to get him to gain weight and move back to DT. He just doesn't seem like a natural at DE. Meanwhile, Cullen Jenkins continues to impress and will see plenty of playing time in the D-line rotation. Starting NT: Grady Jackson. Packers fans have grown to love the big man in the middle, mainly because he’s the only real run-stuffing presence we’ve had since Gilbert Brown in his prime. His forte is eating up blockers, not necessarily making plays. Jackson’s probably not worth a roster spot in most IDP leagues, especially dynasty, since he’s a couple years from retiring. Offseason grade: D. Surprising no one, Grady has missed a lot of practices and preseason action due to nagging injuries. He’s slated to start the opener in Detroit and the Packers will desperately need him to stay healthy if they’re going to have any success on defense. Primary Backup NT: Colin Cole. James Lee didn’t excite anyone this offseason, so he was released. 3rd-year DT Cole (6-2, 320) won the backup job by default. He’s 25 years old and has 6 solo tackles in very limited 2003 and 2004 action. Starting RDT: Corey Williams. As I mentioned in the first IDP report, Williams has had a strong camp – arguably the strongest of any D-lineman. His development was one reason the Packers released Cletidus Hunt. Another reason was that Hunt sucked. Make no mistake – Williams is far from a great player. The staff is just hoping he can be an adequate starter. If he can muster any kind of consistent pocket penetration, the coaches would be ecstatic. Offseason grade: B+. Not much was expected of him and he outplayed the rest of the DTs on the roster, including talented-yet-unmotivated-and-overpaid Hunt. Primary Backup RDT: Committee of Cullen Jenkins & Donnell Washington. Okay, so there's one thing worse for fantasy owners than RBBC. It's BUDTBC (backup defensive tackle by committee). Feel free to stay away from these guys. Starting RDE: Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila. What you see is what you get. KGB is one of Green Bay’s more consistent defenders, but he really only does one thing well – rush the passer. His improvement as a run defender has been slow, but he is getting better. He has the potential for 40-50 solo tackles and as many as 17 sacks, but he’s much more likely to remain at the 30-tackle, 11-14-sack plateau. KGB will remain a top-25 D-lineman in most IDP leagues. Offseason grade: B. Not great, not bad, KGB is expected to remain at his previous level of performance in the regular season. Primary Backup RDE: Mike Montgomery. The rookie taken in the 6th round has had a pretty good camp. They figured he was just as good as R-Kal Truluck, who the team had re-signed immediately after the 2004 season. Consequently, Truluck was sent packing. If KGB went down, the D-line would be completely ineffective in Bates’s scheme, but Montgomery would play in his absence. DL Conclusion: Don’t expect much from any of the DTs. Kampman will keep his job on the strong side and should continue to score well. If KGB improves the rest of his game, he could be a top-15 fantasy player. If he continues to simply attack the QB, his tackle totals won’t be high enough to make him more than a decent starter. Out of training camp, Williams, Montgomery, and Jenkins have earned the most praise. Linebackers Starting SLB (projected): Na’il Diggs. Hannibal Navies wasn’t seen as a good fit for the scheme, so he was released. Diggs can play the weak side (and probably would prefer to), but the coaches don’t trust any of the other LBs to cover TEs, so Diggs will stay at SLB. Diggs is a solid defender, but nothing about his game is especially noteworthy. He has decent blitz ability and will make the occasional big play in coverage, but he doesn’t have the nose for the football that the game’s great tacklers possess. Among NFL SLBs, he’ll finish with mediocre fantasy numbers. Offseason grade: C. He hasn’t really done much to distinguish himself to Jim Bates, mainly because he’s STILL recovering from a torn MCL. As of now, he’s not a lock to start Week 1. He’s said that he won’t play unless he’s 100%, because he doesn’t want to be battling the injury all year. Backup SLB (projected): Paris Lenon. After having a strong offseason under the new defensive regime, the coaches have spent some time trying to find a home for Lenon. They decided he fits best on the strong side. He’s probably not quite a starting-caliber player, but there’s a good chance he’ll be starting this weekend, thanks to the ailing knee of Diggs. Starting MLB: Nick Barnett. Remember the name, people. When guys like Ray Lewis and Donnie Edwards retire, Barnett will be the class of the MLB position. In 2004, he improved on his impressive rookie numbers and he figures to continue to get better for the foreseeable future. He could stand to add a little more bulk, but he still finds his way around blockers, easily becoming the only consistent tackling presence on the team. He’s not just a tackle machine, though; he can blitz well and he’s already one of the best coverage linebackers in the league. Offseason grade: A-. Barnett has remained healthy through the offseason and seems to have earned the trust of Bates. Rumblings from local camp observers/reporters have indicated that Barnett is primed to have a huge tackling year in the new scheme. Backup MLB: Roy Manning. Another surprising camp performer, Manning came to the team as an undrafted free agent out of Michigan. He’s got ideal size (6-2, 252) and his speed and instincts are better than expected. If you’re a Barnett owner and your league has a “taxi squad” of some sort, you’d be wise to store Manning on it. Starting WLB (projected): This is the hottest competition in practice right now. For Week 1, both Roy Manning and Robert Thomas will play. Manning will probably start and figures to get the most playing time. However, Thomas is a player who Sherman has coveted since he came out of UCLA. In fact, his availability from the Rams was a major factor in the recent (surprising) release of former projected WLB starter Ray Thompson. The understanding is that Sherman would have targeted Thomas with Green Bay’s 2002 first round pick, but he opted to trade up for Javon Walker instead. As it happened, Thomas was drafted by the Rams 31st overall. Reports from practice indicate that Thomas has picked up the system well enough to challenge for the starting job within a few weeks. The coaches are going to give Manning the chance to shine in a real NFL game, but it’s difficult to imagine the rookie free-agent holding off a veteran, former-1st-round pick for very long. Backup WLB (projected): As you might imagine, the backup WLB will be either Manning or Thomas, depending on who distinguishes himself as the starter. LB Conclusion: So far, Barnett is the only LB worth starting for your fantasy team. The SLB is injured and won’t score much anyway and the WLB isn’t actually determined yet. The only other guidance I can provide is to pay attention to what Bates and Sherman say about the WLB position. Stay away from Manning and Thomas UNTIL one or both coaches say that they’re going to stick with one guy to play full time. When that happens, the WLB should score reasonably well. Defensive Backs Starting CBs: Al Harris & Ahmad Carroll. Harris proved last year that he was a legitimate #1 NFL cornerback. With the other CB spot in constant flux, Harris consistently played well against opposing teams’ best wideouts, leading the league in passes defensed through the middle part of the season. Down the stretch, Carroll (last year's 1st-rounder) started to show flashes of competency, all but assuring himself the starting spot opposite Harris. Under the new defensive coaching staff, however, Carroll fell out of favor quickly, opening the door for last year's 3rd-round pick, Joey Thomas. Then, after earning a starting job, Thomas promptly got injured and allowed Carroll to take his job back. Their play in the regular season will determine who ends up being the long-term starter. Harris offseason grade: B+. Thomas/Carroll offseason grade: C-. Both 2nd-year players have shown flashes of great play along with mental & technique mistakes. We can only hope that the competition brings out the best in both of them. Backup CBs: Don’t bother. Behind Harris, Thomas, and Carroll, Mike Hawkins and Jason Horton are both dime corners with upside, but none of them have any real fantasy value. Starting FS: Mark Roman. The thought of this guy covering the deep third of the secondary for my beloved Packers makes me want to vomit. He played so poorly last year that it’s remarkable he’s still collecting a paycheck. Even if he’s a better fit for Bates’s scheme than the previous one, he simply doesn’t have the speed or ball skills to play FS, in my opinion. Luckily, the two safety positions in this type of defense aren’t much different in terms of responsibilities. Offseason grade: B. It’s probably clear that I’m not a big fan of Roman, but I have to respect the effort he’s given throughout the offseason. The previous defensive coaching staff didn’t like him much either and he was a big target for criticism from the local media. Still, he worked hard to convince to Bates and Co. that last year was not an indication of his true ability. So far, he’s succeeded. I, however, will have to see it to believe it. Backup FS (projected): Marviel Underwood/Earl Little. One of Green Bay’s two 2005 4th-round picks, Underwood looks like he’ll be groomed to be the free safety of the future. Little has been decent in training camp, so, in the event of a Roman injury, I would imagine that he’d get just as much PT as Underwood at the FS position. Starting SS (projected): Nick Collins. As expected, rookie 2nd-rounder Collins has proved to be the best option at SS. His height (5-10) apparently isn’t a problem, thanks to his physical style of play. He’s lightning fast and can lay the lumber when he needs to. He’ll make his share of rookie mistakes, but he’s the best fantasy play among all the Packers’ DBs. Offseason grade: A. Although he was a 2nd-round pick, he was projected by most scouts as a 5th-round talent. Thus far, he’s proved Green Bay’s scouts right. Most everyone has been impressed with how Collins has turned his small-school pedigree (Bethune-Cookman) into a starting NFL gig. Backup SS (projected): Mark Roman/Earl Little. Like I said before, FS and SS aren’t much different in the defense taught by Bates, so it’s difficult to project which players fit which position the best. If I had to guess what would happen in the event that Collins gets injured (or benched), I’d say that Roman would move to SS and Earl Little would get the majority of time at FS. (Is anyone sensing a theme here? Numerous position battles in the regular season…isn’t that what training camp/preseason is for??) DB Conclusion: What a mess. Collins is the only player worth considering from a fantasy perspective and he might be the 2nd-highest scorer on the team (behind Barnett). Harris won’t get enough attention merit a roster spot and the other CB and S positions are huge question marks. Good luck to you – and good luck to the Packers. Offseason/Training Camp/Preseason Packers IDP Conclusion: So…we’ve got exactly FOUR relevant fantasy players – Kampman, KGB, Barnett, and Collins. Hopefully, that’s not an indication of the general talent level of the defense. Unfortunately, it probably is.
  15. Green Bay Packers IDP Outlook

    Guess who missed the tackle on Steve Heiden, allowing him to run into the end zone and seal the game? Same old Roman. After a 10-tackle Week 1, I almost held out hope that Roman would make a positive impact this year. Now, I hate him again.
  16. We've all heard the analysts declare the Vikings the most improved team in the NFL. Not only are they the "clear favorites" to win their division, but many are already proclaiming them the second-best team in the NFC, behind the Eagles. I feel the need to slow down this train before it picks up too much steam. Minnesota has some very serious issues on both sides of the ball, so I'll split them up. OFFENSE The Vikings have flirted with success since the moment Denny Green took a chance on Randy Moss. After watching him for several years now, there's no question in my mind that he's not only the best player in the NFL right now, but he'll be the best of all time when he's done. Check out the QBs who looked like superstars throwing to Moss. His attitude has always been the problem, but the man is in his PRIME. Now, he plays in Oakland. The Packers' secondary is still celebrating. However, I don't think Moss was the Vikings' offensive MVP -- that title would go to former offensive coordinator Scott Linehan. Their offense ran like a well-oiled machine under his care. While Linehan was up in the booth, it was uncanny how often he caught the defense off guard. Unfortunately, I had to experience the guy's skills twice a year. Now, Linehan is in Miami and all of the offensive players will be learning a COMPLETELY different offensive system. Also, their O-line should be solid again, but it won't be as good without David Dixon. Depth has been an issue for a while, so any injuries (like last year) and the unit will suffer immensely. The Vikings not only lost the best playmaker in the game, but they also lost the best playCALLER in the game (for my money). Sidenote: I think Culpepper could handle ONE of those departures and still be an elite player, but not both. He's falling down my fantasy rankings quickly. Chris Chambers, the other hand, is rising. DEFENSE The defense has the downfall of this team for years, occasionally playing decent, only to fail at the most critical times. Now, however, the depth chart is sporting lots of new faces. The new players bring impressive pedigrees, so pundits believe the unit will perform well as a whole. I'm not buying it. There will be at least SEVEN new defensive starters playing for Minnesota this year. The only holdovers will be Kevin Williams, Antoine Winfield, and Corey Chavous. That means there will be exactly THREE players with any experience in the defensive system. And, oh yeah -- that "experience" equals exactly ONE year, since D-coordinator Ted Cottrell joined the team last year. So...who's going to lead this defense? A 25-year-old DT who's been in the league for 2 years? A cornerback who became a Viking a year ago? Or will it be the veteran safety who isn't even reporting to team functions? I think it's silly to expect great things from a defense this young with so many new starters. There will just be too many mental mistakes and not enough team chemistry. If the unit sticks together, Cottrell can probably get them to play well NEXT year, but, then again, if the defense plays poorly THIS year, I'm sure he'll get fired. Lastly, they still don't have a consistent kicker (like, Ryan Longwell, for example ). GO PACKERS!
  17. 5(FIVE) INTS

  18. Betting League

    Okay, cool. That's what I would have suggested.
  19. Just a quick note

    Sorry I don't have a link, but I read the other day that if Cowart can't start on Sunday, they'd play Rod Davis in his place. First, I figured they'd move E.J. Henderson to the middle and plug in either Thomas or Smith at WLB, but apparently that's not the case. Tice/Cottrell must be liking what they see from E.J. on the weak side, so they're reluctant to move him. Anyway, I figured this might help a few people -- mainly those who might have Davis or who might have been thinking about starting Thomas.
  20. Here's a real sleeper

    Yeah, I was surprised to read your earlier description stating that Todd Johnson was the biggest beneficiary to Green's demotion. The first article I read about it suggested that Green's demotion had a lot to do with Lovie's man-crush on Harris. Good info.
  21. Hey Raider Fans- Kirk Morrison

    I think the rest of their LBs are a mess (aside from Clark) are just interchangeable parts, so I expect Oakland to leave Morrison and Clark on the field for most 1st and 2nd downs and then use the other LBs in situational roles, based on their strengths. Just speculation from me.
  22. Betting League

    I'm all for people having their picks in on time. I don't know if the penalty you guys have been talking about is appropriate, though. Isn't the winner judged on winning percentage? I mean, some weeks there are only a couple of really good lines, so it could actually be an advantage to make fewer picks. As for the deadline, I say we make it Thursday midnight ET as well. If there's a Thursday game (maybe one more this season?), we should just do it as crispy described. And, by the way, for those of us who can't access at work, I'll continue to make crispy's e-mails look pretty and send them out to everybody. I know I referenced my list a lot while I sat at my desk twiddling my thumbs.
  23. McNABB Owners, are you bennching him?

    Yes, I'm benching him, but, no, not in favor of another QB. I just want to avoid negative points.