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  1. Baseball question...

    I have always been perplexed by the hitting a major league pitcher argument in sports. I have never played Major League Baseball, but I played in college and faced a couple guys that went on to the show. I have also played hockey most of my life on a smaller level. I dont know how goalies stop a 100mph slap shot with 3 guys in front of the crease. That gets my vote. Start the "hockey isnt a sport" argument now if you must...
  2. Greatest American Rock Band

    After this post I may actually agree with your brilliance. Of course I'm an idiot. But the fact of the matter is Nirvana did influance a generation. People dressed different. Music changed. yadda yadda yadda. This doesnt mean they are "genius" or even good. IIt just means a lot of kids got stoned and dressed in flannal shirts and ripped jeans. I feel the same way about the Dead. Just because a bunch of people didnt want to work and travalled around the country dropping acid and smoking Josh Gordon doesnt make them a great band. Of course, if was old enough to do that I probably would have. Which brings me to your point of music being subjective, I concur. Nothing like typing a huge response when a couple words would have worked just to kill the last 10 minutes of work on a Friday!!
  3. Greatest American Rock Band

    Brilliant? So the fact that Nivana changed the culture of entire generation doesnt matter, but the fact that his wife is a drugged out whore does? FYI, I didnt vote for Nirvana. I think if Cobain missed his head Nirvana would have fizzled and the "genius" of the band would be subject to much more scrutiny.
  4. 38 years ago a half billion people...

    lloyd christmas: We've landed on the moon! :lloyd christmas
  5. Best in his sport

    To make this argument float the Babe would have to pitch and play centerfield at the same time. Then the Babe would have to amass more home runs or wins than anyone else, which he has neither. Not to take anything away from the Babe, I think I would have been a fan of his back in the day. To but say Gretzky would have to play goalie and score at the same time is just silly.
  6. Best in his sport

    Gentlemen, its spelled Gretzky. And he is the best player of all time in his respective sport. I dont think there is a larger gap. ETA link. 970 points seperate him from #2 on the list. Most guys would kill for that many in a career. 99
  7. A truly sad day in pro wrestling

    Lots of people on roids dont slaughter their family. I am not defending roids, I just dont think anything should lessen the blame this a$$hat clearly deserves.
  8. I gotta ask...

    What drives me nuts is when someone is in the self serve line with a cartful! There should be a item limit. And there should also be an age limit, because rest assured I will end up behind the 90 year old lady that cant figure out how to scan the items or pay for them.
  9. Insulin

    Is that a new Apple product?
  10. all-time a favorite NFL players

    I cant lie, its Bernie Kosar. Clay Mathews is probably a close second.
  11. For the Video Gamers out there

    Yep, I liked that game a lot. Pretty innovative stuff in it. Why dont they make cool western games, or am I missing something?
  12. For the Video Gamers out there

    Red Dead Revolver. Good game, but as stated, quick to beat.
  13. What's in a Name?

    Jack Mehoffer
  14. Woodpecker problem

    Sounds like if this is the case all you have to do is give the little guy a handy and he will quit.
  15. I am going on a cruise...question.

    The best part of the story is that the only pants they had in the costume store didnt fit him. So he tipped the cabin boy to go down to laundry and grab him a pair of uniform Captains pants. The next morning they were folded on his bed.
  16. I am going on a cruise...question.

    I wouldnt recommend this, but a buddy of mine took a Captains costume. He would walk around shaking hands and talking to people. They would ask him if he was on duty, and then buy him drinks when he said he was not. Chicks were hitting on him like crazy. Pretty funny. But I'm pretty sure it is against several laws.
  17. Verizon is hands down the most F'd Up company ever

    I work for an IT provider and Verizon is one of our vendors. I consistantly hear from our customers that they have to stick with Verizon because it has the best coverage. However, it has THE worst customer service out of the lot. I personally dont deal with them, but I hear this 4 times a month, give or take. Sorry keg.
  18. Hannibal Rising...

    I havent seen the movie, but read the book. It is the worst book in the series, but still a decent read. Barely.
  19. surge suppressor

    OK, so I have a new big screen, Yamaha receiver, DVR, DVD player, PS2, and a CD player connected to an old surge suppressor. I would like to protect the investments with the storm season approaching and I feel the old surge suppressor may be spent. I see several out there, some offering noise protection. The price ranges on these things go from $20 to $150+. I dont mind spending extra to protect the money I have in the system, but no need to throw money away either. What is everyone using? Does the noise protection help, or is this a gimmick?
  20. surge suppressor

    Cool, thanks.
  21. surge suppressor

    Thanks Kid Cid. Do you use this in addition to a surge suppressor or does this cover that as well? What brands do you recommend? I see APC and Furman on a quick search. Is this what you are talking about?
  22. Les than two months to go...

    Beanie Wells. Homer call, but legit none the less.
  23. Sopranos

    If I remember correctly Tony put the order out to tell EVERYONE. Bobby's cell phone was ringing as he got out of the car to buy the train. Still a bunch of idiots, but the call was made. I think Phil caps Tony, Walnuts, and the rest of the crew. AJ snaps and mans up like Michael in the Godfather. Kills Phil, and then gets shot to bits by Phils crew. Meadow ends up breaking down and dikes out on some stripper. Perfect ending. Show over.
  24. Ok, golfers......

    I have not played too many par threes at 85 yards, although I have seen a few. However, I rarely hit from the ladies tee's. I am sure that is where she was hitting from.