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  1. TO = a small, idiotic child

    I'd be willing to bet that the cowboys prefer he shows up and falls asleep at meetings. That way he's there but keeps his mouth shut(probably the only way something like that can happen) I think the real problem here is , how did this information get out in the public? Is it TO looking for more attention? or did someone else leak this info? If he's been doing it all his life it's the first I'm hearing of it.
  2. Predictions & Projections

    I'm definitely glad to see that up there. One thing that I've missed greatly from those pages for the last 2 years is the teams stats on teh bottom of each prediction/projection page where it tells you how many yds/tds each position on their team has averaged over the past games. I found it to be really helpful seeing how much tds/yds other teams have given up to specific positions in the past as well.
  3. Arrington tears achilles

    What a bummer that injury is, the first game he starts playing like the player we thought he was, and now he's done for the year. Unfortunately I think that is the last time we'll see him in a giants uniform.
  4. impact of Tiki news on Brandon Jacobs this year?

    Glad you have it all figured out. Tiki is an absolute class act. If he says he is going to retire, than he's retireing. This has absolutely nothing to do with wanting more money. If he wanted more money to stay, he'd tell the giants management behind closed doors, and they'd give it to him. He's been saying for almost 2 years now that he will retire early so he can pursue off the field opportunities that are available to him. He wants to walk away with his health and not have to deal with a permanent limp at the age of 40. As a giant fan I hate to see him go early, but I certainly respect his decision. As far as if anything changes, no. Jacobs will be used the same way he has been used this season. And yes, he is the real deal and can fill in just fine next year.
  5. Tiki Barber To Retire After This Year

    As a Tiki and Giants fan I really hope he decides to play one more season. He is clearly still on top of his game, a class act and excellent role model. I'm really hoping for his sake, that his post career opportunities he wants to chase are not inolving his acting or radio abilities.
  6. Plax....

    http://www.giants.com/news/eisen/story.asp?story_id=19177 Coughlin reiterated that Plaxico Burress did not play in the second half because of back problems and not because he fumbled or failed to hold a pass that was intercepted. “Plaxico, as I mentioned yesterday, injured his back against Philadelphia,” Coughlin said. “(He) injured his back in practice on Wednesday, spent Thursday and Friday trying to recover, went into the game and because of the injury – it’s all related – was ineffective in his play and that’s why he came out.”
  7. WDIS @ WR

    Under performance scoring rules, I would probably stick with Wayne and Mason.
  8. Running Back Glut

    I think you're on target with your probable starters. I'd still keep an eye on the portis situation and make sure they aren't going to limit his carries. If they will limit him, I'd start looking at Freddy.
  9. Does this trade make sense?

    HELL NO! Drop ahhman as well? thats crazy talk.
  10. pick a QB

    ELI! ELI! ELI!
  11. Cotchery or Holt

    I would not even think about this one. You start Holt every week until Cotchery proves he can be a top 10 wr in this league. Take away his one long/freak catch last week and his stat line would be 5 catches for 50 yds 0 tds. And yes, that was a very random td the way it happened with his knees not hitting the ground ont he tackle. Also, you don't start Bryant over Holt until he can prove the same. The title of this thread should read Cotchery or Bryant.
  12. Tiki Owners...What Am I Missing Here?

    The guy is thinking that portis is 100% healthy, and will be heavilly used since the redskins have done squat w/o him being in the backfield full time. And, Tiki is going to lose all goal line touches. I would stick with Tiki myself, but I don't think the guy is that crazy, all depends on how you think things will work out for either back.
  13. Giants Homers

    Tiki is fine and good to go : "Tiki Barber has what he called "a deep bruise" on his left forearm, right near the spot where he broke that arm back in 2000. But precautionary X-rays came back negative, and he said yesterday that the injury "is nothing." "I actually got it last week against the Colts," Barber said. "It went away and I thought it would be fine, but I got hit again in the same spot. I always use this arm to fend people off and they just wanted to make sure that my previous fracture wasn't disrupted. "But it's fine. It's calloused and it looks beautiful."" http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/story/454064p-382148c.html
  14. Trading Waiver spots

    Basically all that is happening is the guy with the #1 waiver spot is picking a player, than taking that player and trading him to another owner. Perfectly within the rules, the fact that the guy trading a player off of his roster might've contacted the team with teh #1 waiver slot really shouldn't matter.