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  1. Who is DEN RB tonite? ESPN confirms, T Bell's inactive tonight, as is Cobbs.
  2. Who is DEN RB tonite?

    Can you share the link?
  3. McNabb Replacement

  4. Need Help with WDIS for 4pm game

    That's my thought, but does anyone have late-breaking Tatum updates?
  5. Chester Taylor for Ronnie Brown & Travis Henry

    It's not a bad deal, but I'm not sure how much it ultimately helps. Brown's doing less than nothing, as is the entire Dolphin D -- you don't want to have to count on that. Henry's running well, but you have to wonder when the Titans are going to start giving more time to LenDale to get him ready for next year. HEnry will start losing carries during fantasy playoffs. I say stick with what you got.
  6. Cutting Vanderjagt

    Akers. Safe bet the Eagles are going to be kicking a lot more FG from here on in with McNabb to help find the EZ.
  7. Is Garcia better then E.Manning?

    No. Start Eli. He's had a rough stretch, but at leaast he knows his offense and had the experience playing with them. You've got to expect Garcia to take at least a couple games to get used to the offense. That's a rough gmable heading into most league's playoffs.
  8. Need Help with WDIS for 4pm game

    Choice is now bell or rivers
  9. Need Help with WDIS for 4pm game

    My other option is T Bell, but I don't think it's as good an option.
  10. Time to wrap it up!

    Romo...that games gonna be a shootout. I hate to say it...but I think you have to start KJ. Gore's the other option, but KJs got the match-up. Julius is going to lose carries (esp. at the goalline).
  11. Portis have any FF value

    Yep, his season's done. Unless you're in a keeper, kick him to the curb.
  12. WDIS @ RB

    Alex...won't get all the carries, but against SF he should dangerous. Look at it this way: both are splitting carries, so play the stud
  13. Need Help with WDIS for 4pm game

    1 pt/25 pass yrd; -4 INT; .5 pt/recept all TDs 6 WDIS @ Flex: Fitzgerald v DET Rivers @ DEN
  14. WDIS @ WR

    Definately Smith. Who else is moving that team forward?
  15. Deangelo Williams vs. Ladell Betts

    I agree with this. Carolina's already trying to find more ways to get Williams into the lineup and Foster isn't even hurt (yet). The way Foster's running, Williams is the future of that organization's ground game.