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    I've been using CBS Sportsline for a few years now and have been pretty happy with it. My only comparrison is the Fanball site. I was on that for a few years and was really disappointed. It has great writers, but technically the site can't handle the traffic it gets. For those of you that hate CBS, what are you recommending? I may want to try a league on another site next year.
  2. I've been benching Droughns all year, but now it looks like he may be a more favorable option than Taylor. Standard scoring league. Any thoughts.
  3. Both the Eagles and the Broncos hAve good matchups next week. I'd lean towards the Broncos, but you're doing good if you could pick up either of these two teams off of waivers.
  4. Those of you who don't like/don't use MFL

    I was on fanball for years and switched to CBS. Fanball has great writers with witty commentary, but i found it lacking in custoemr service. When it worked it was great. However, it generally crashed on draft day, making for long agonizing days trying to work the draft.
  5. Michael Turner - Wk 6

    I'm starting LT and Turner both this week with no second thoughts or regrets.
  6. Game of the Week

    Yep, me too. I think Frye looks like he could have a blow up game this week.
  7. WDIS: Farve or Frye

    This week, maybe. Frye against the Oakland D looks like a good matchup.
  8. WDIS: Farve or Frye

    Bye week blues. I think its a toss up between Farve or Frye this week. Personally, I'm leaning towards Farve only because I'll enoy watching the Packers game much more the the Browns. Any thoughts?
  9. Any news on Alexander's foot? I have a terrible bye week problem and am thinking of sticking in Maurice Morris.
  10. For a third WR who would yout ake a chance on this week, Lee Evans, Deion Branch or Brandon Loyd? The Huddle gives Loyd the edge, but i'm thinking of taking a chance with Deion.
  11. Got two good TEs. I expect good things from Miller tonight but Tony Gonzales has usually been reliable.
  12. I have been offered Steven Jackson for Kevin Jones in a keeper league. Which one is a better keeper RB? I had high hopes for Jones but he's been disappointment. I'm not so sure about Jackson's long term potential for a keeer league. Thanks for the help.
  13. Trade Advice: K. Lewis for S. Jackson

    I made made a mistake on names sorry.