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  1. My first Round 2007

    Wow 3k for second, how much to get in your league??
  2. My first Round 2007

    I totally Agree with you but I think Gore and R Brown WILL score a lot next year Wille parker probably wont.
  3. My first Round 2007

    That is exactly what I thought when Edge dropped to me at 8 and he KILLED me so trust me, you don't want a "proven" guy to fall to you as opposed to one of the aformentioned because it might bite you in da ass!
  4. My first Round 2007

    I don't think the status of Greg Jones matters much in Jacksonville. MJD is the man and everone else will be there to SPELL him.
  5. My first Round 2007

    Other than Houston, New York Jets where would peterson start next year??
  6. My first Round 2007

    Drew Brees(that's really stretchin it) Adrian Peterson(He's got to get the staring Job First and get a year under his belt). Jacobs is a 2nd rounder if he starts he may be a first rounder in 2008 if he shows he's a complete game back.
  7. My first Round 2007

    You won't see Vick or Bush in my first round at all next year and Peyton manning is a top Five fantasy scorwer AGAIN this year so he will continue to be a first rounder cuz afterall, POINTS WIN FANTASY!!!
  8. My first Round 2007

    I thin MJD will be the starter and if that is true he is a DEFINITE first rounder, he put up first round #'s splitting with Taylor this year and it's only gonna get better next year and I'll believe Tiki is gone when the season starts and he's NOT there.
  9. My first Round 2007

    1. LT 2. LJ 3. Steven Jackson 4. Alexander 5. Frank Gore 6. Maurice Jones Drew- I know this will raise Eyebrows 7. Wille Parker 8. Rudi Johnson 9. Peyton Manning 10. Westbrook 11. Portis(If he's not in RBBC situation) 12. Tiki(If he's playing), Ronnie Brown
  10. S.Jax

    Alexander, Frank Gore, MJD, Willie Parker
  11. Wide Receiver Opinion

    CJ, Henderson and Colston
  12. Who to start -- Hass, Romo or Farve

    I'd go Romo
  13. Tough Playoff Decision!

    Tough Decision but Rudi and Gore are playing on national TV!
  14. WDIS: RB (PPR)

    Frankie Gore baby!