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  1. Trade Randy Moss or Chad Johnson

    Thanks all just wanted to verify i should sit on it Jamal Lewis was also offered but he is stinking it up this year
  2. Trade Randy Moss or Chad Johnson

    He is asking I am stalling anyone
  3. Anderson vs Moore for sure the trade is floating so that may solidify things but I was thinking for looking at your wr to drop for Anderson...can you only drop a rb for a rb?
  4. WDIS QB

    Hass for me here too
  5. Rest of your team and how many you start please
  6. Trade Advice -- What do you think of this?

    Benson's value i think will increase and Parker will decrease upgrade at D i think I would go and hope for the best with Benson as he may assume the starting position in 3 to 4 games and Parker will have Staley on his back and Bettis wating to take over at the goal line.
  7. WDIS

    Glenn vs that D anytime i think
  8. Who Will have the Bigger Day

    Westbrook for sure i think who does Dallas play
  9. trade offer made driver for westbrook

    IF he will do it go for it
  10. WDIS TE?

    McMichael is to solid to sit
  11. Need expert trade advice! HELP!

    Westbrook will not have the vultures that Parker will ahve soon and the Wr's being even i would do it
  12. Jimmy Smith?...McNair v. Griese

    Smith he is their #1 and Griese as I think he has more solid power than the up and down McNair
  13. Should I trade Dillon or Fast Willie

    No way Bettis and Staley will eventually eat into Parkers one in NE
  14. T.Jones & Heap for Dunn & Witten?

    Tough one here you got a coin! I think Heap has potential of being better than Witten after he has a few games under his belt. The RB's are a toss up as Dunn never gets close to the Line unless it is from 12 yards out or more
  15. Please Help with Trade Advice

    Agreed I would do this trade to as I think Palmer is going to have a hell of a year. You lose McAll but get two starting Rb's that have upside. Parker will be in a vulture postion once the bus gets back and may lose a few more to Staley. Gates is hands down better than Clark