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  1. wdis at wr?

    I like Porter as well, but lately whoever I have left on the bench has blown up
  2. wdis at wr?

  3. wdis at wr?

    Need to pick one of these 3 Evans vs. Denver A.Johnson vs. Arizona Porter vs. Cleveland I need 1 of these 3 to play alongside Driver and Chambers
  4. WDIS at wr?

  5. WDIS at wr?

  6. Frerotte or Rosenfels

    makes a difference on whether or not I start Chambers today
  7. WDIS at wr?

    Chambers vs. San Diego Driver vs. Detroit Evans vs. NE A Johnson vs. Tennessee Porter vs. NYJ normally I would have Evans and Porter in, but with Tui playing for Oak. and I heard snow and wind in the BUff.-NE game, I don't know who to start.
  8. QB desperation

    thanks to Collins getting demoted and Leftwich being hurt I have to choose between Garrard and Tui for my first round playoff game. Which one do I start in my touchdown based scoring league Garrard vs. Indy Tui vs. NYJ

    I have the same problem, I have both and I already started Julius Jones so I need to start the right back of the 2. I originally had Portis in, but SD is tough on the run and they are reporting Taylor is out, so I plugged in G.Jones this morning. Hopefully he tears up the weak azz Cardinals D.
  10. I have Indy vs. Pittsburgh or St.Louis vs. Houston Indy gave up alot last week and Big Ben is back, but can I look past the fact that the Rams are playing Houston??? points 2 for INT 1 for fumble rec. bonus points for yds. allowed and points given up who do I start???
  11. Would you pay more to make the boards

    I'd pay an extra $20, no problem. Too much good advice not to.
  12. Who will start Roy Williams next week?

    I traded Roy yesterday.......for Andre Johnson. I hate Detroit, never fails, they suck hindquarter all year long, then as soon as you dump them, they explode. Never again will I draft a Lion
  13. Drew Rosenhaus

    I wish TO would beat Rosenhauses ass on camera, THAT would make for some must see TV
  14. How Honest is Cowher?

    I just dropped Parker outright, I'm tired of the 3 headed monster bullshucks in Pitt.
  15. drop Willie Parker?

    Should I drop him for Arrington?? With the rbbc in Pitt, is he really worth anything??? I have Brown, KJ, and Anderson, can I afford to make this move??