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  1. Deal Time?

    First of all, are we talking about 200 or 20,000. Makes a difference. If the money difference is big enough, then do a chop. Do 40% and 40%, and then 20% to the winner. It gives you he best of both worlds. JMO!
  2. Home Wireless Networking Issues

    The other thing you might need to do is upgrade your firmware. I had problems with my router at first and upgraded the firmware and it solved the problems. Customer service can walk you through it, and it only takes a few seconds. CS sucks as a rule, but they can be helpful.
  3. Tie Breaker

    Grits, As always I appreciate your input, and I can see what you are saying. Again, I believe that I am not clear here. I would have had no input on the decision. I was the Data collector. There was also consultation with the parties involved, by the co-commish. I took myself out of the equation completely. He did all of the compilation, and discussed possibilites with the other parties involved. The co commish asked me to get data on the ones that I did. It wasn't prompted by me. I even emailed the first part of this post to give him ideas. If that isn't impartial I don't know what is. The decision had been made that the LT owner would win the Tie breaker, and both parties had agreed because of the lop sided nature of the senarios. I even put him (LT Owner) in the playoff spot online. Then we found the scoring error, and the score determined the outcome, not any tiebreak senarios. It was defintily impartial and fair, and I had no input to any tiebreak decision (even if proved unnessisary). It was my first statement to the co commish. "Dude, we have a tie and it is your call." I had no input on the outcome. Thanks for the input
  4. need advice on offering a split

    Whats that 10% commission for you? I am 50-50 for splitting. I did one year and didn't the other. Both worked out fine.
  5. Tie Breaker

    I wouldn't have made the decision. Thats the co commisses Job. I helped him run the senarios, meaning get the data from Fanball, To help him with the calculations. We really don't allow either commish to have any say on a decsion that directly effect them. Even for Trades, Only the commishes have veto power, and we have never used it. If the Commishes try to trade with each other, it is a league vote. Believe me when I say we are definitly more impartial than the rest of the leauge. collusion only. But it was a moot point anyway, simply because Palmer's fumble wasn't counted. Thanks for all the posts! I don't think I have ever prompted a two pager before!
  6. OK you want a tuff RB question...

    Yep, I go Rhodes Morris Turner. there is no Gaurantee of Turner getting anything, so you can let your champ hopes ride on that! I got burned early in the season on that one. Rhodes will be fine.
  7. champ or playing for championship...

    Brady Green MoJO ( The man, Please get better) Sjax Betts (Portis who?) Harrison (thanks for the blow up) Berrian Cotchery Booker (get better soon) IDP Taylor A Wislon D brooks K Bulluck. I think I smell a Championship!!
  8. Tie Breaker

    Thanks to all of the Input here! It was very helpful. I especially like the pick a game option by Daboz! We may have to put that in there. What we ( me and the co commish) did was run a bunch of senarios, and in 90% of them the carson palmer owner won. So we gave him the nod. Then the owner playing against Carson Palmer goes....umm, Didn't he have a fumble? (fanball has this wrong, you may want to check your scores) He ends up being correct, - 3 to Palmer's owner and the third place bowl. He had the best team, but ended up losing. Sucks for CP owner, but the good news is I don't have to face LT! Thanks for the help everyone!
  9. Tie Breaker

    Well, We screwed up. We have a Tiebreaker player as our tie breaker. Well, the teams in the Semis Tied, With both of the tiebreaker players getting -3. Tied tiebreakers. Without the lectures of "you should have figured this out before the season" What would be a fair way to handle the tie breaker. Go back a week to last week's Tiebreaker? Total TD's Bench Points Total Points on the Season? Flip a Coin? Any other creative and fair ideas? Should this be put to a league vote? I want to do right by the league, but I am not sure what to do. Kicker? I am in the SB with the winner of this game. It has to be on the up and up.
  10. T.O. fined

    What a joke. That's like being fined a dollar for him. Oh well, At least I get to see Dawkins plaster him across the middle on Christmas!!!
  11. T.O. Number 1 in my book

    (Philly homer) What an F'n Prick.. Well at least he can catch. How are you boys fans able to cope without that second half??? Just wait.. The time bomb is getting closer...
  12. T.O. Number 1 in my book

    Just wait. This is his "good" year. Next year, when he doesn't get his way he will kill the cowboys. I will enjoy it. He's on the way down anyway. Hopefully, he takes the Boys with him. Go Birds!
  13. in case you missed it....

    No, you are right. We are facing the Dallas spitters. They sure looked good against the Saints who just got nailed by the lowly Redskins... High class team of the NFC. Dallas Sucks! TO Sucks More!!! Christmas is Going to be bad for the cowboys. GO Birds!!! Fly Eagles Fly On the road to Victory!!! E A G L E S Eagles!
  14. Playoff WDIS?

    I think Betts is coming on strong... keep riding it. Please see my post as well,
  15. WDIS WR