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    yes one team will win this game, but lets face it, neither team is any good. Dallas de is terrible, and sea overall isnt very good, they beat tbay, so what
  2. S.Jax

    after having sa this year, I wouldnt pick him in the top 6 backs. He wasnt doing well before the injury, their line is getting old as is he. I remember how quickly Faulk faded, it happend really fast. You cant take chances on your #1 pick. 1 LT ppr 1 2 LJ ppr 3 3 SJ ppr 2 4 F GORE ppr 5 5 WEST ppr 4 6 FWP ppr 7 BUSH PPR 6 7 SA ppr 9 8 WILLIS PPR 8 9 RUDI PPR 10 10 DAYNE (just kidding)
  3. Post here

    with s jackson*mjd*dayne I crushed him, funny I had hoped for a big day from lt since I had a 60 point lead. This whole year my team was solid, his team had LT and a few other players. Goes to show you need more than one superstar to win the whole thing.
  4. All you Dayne haters

    Unless they LT back at QB which is possible count Gates down for the count ******* Rivers SUCKS 1-10 lol
  5. Leinart

    I picked Sf feeling better now Over/under on Warners fumbles in the 2nd half *** 2 ***
  6. All you Dayne haters

    I love Dayne 27.5pts ** sprinkle in Jacksons 40 and mjd 32 I am very happy
  7. How' Eli looking?

    I was thinking the same thing 55td ends with 74
  8. Rivers...

    he just completed 1 gice him a break lol 1-10 added to last week of 6-22 7-32 how can they win the superbowl with that type of qbing
  9. MJD = ROY?

    whats a t-sip??
  10. All you Dayne haters

    say what you want everyone told question askers to start fwp and willis over him
  11. MJD = ROY?

    he has come on strong this year and I think he should be a favorite for r.o.y.
  12. All you Dayne haters

    I told all who would listen DAYNE was gonna be the man today
  13. hope you listen to me

    He may be too heavy, to slow, but He is the man today
  14. I am rolling with Dayne myself, but I dont have fwp to choose from. I have high hopes for Dayne this week 90 plus a td. What do you think parker will get?
  15. Tiki or Betts

    neither score tds and both catch the ball equally, so go with whom you think will have more rushing yards. this week I would say betts, I have both so I dont have to choose, but Betts has had 4 straight 100 yrd games, Tiki only had 73 agaist Phil last week, they are rated around 29 agaist the run, not too good