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  1. Which RB2

    need 1 go thomas Buff wasnt happy with McGahee, and they think that the a-train may be an improvement. Dont expect travis henry yards agaist them but 90 is possible
  2. Is it worth taking a chanceon Westbrook?

    I wouldnt let the trade go through if I ran your league. Westbrook a top 4 running back for what, Alexander, he is worthless and he may be out for the year. Morris lol he hasnt scored this year and probably wont. Bucky is worthless if Westbrook gets hurt so I wouldnt waste a spot for him
  3. Strange league I am in it includes ipd you get 1 pt for 15 yards returning. 1pt=10yards 6pts=td If K Curtis returns 3 kicks for 60 yards I am starting off with 4 pts already, makes him a good start. I drafted D Hall for this reason, but he doesnt really do anything in the receiving department. I saw that Curtis had 4 returns for 88 yards last week. My question is will he be returning kickoffs , or was that a 1 time thing??????
  4. Who do I BENCH this week?

    You have to go Gore and I would go addai over Driver I think I am gonna do the same. Rb always average more than receivers
  5. Defense WDIS

    I owuld go Jax//// Chi had no sacks or fumble recoveries at home agaist the 1-6 Dolphins. Chi has been iff on the road this year and now they face the Giants. Jax is at home agaist Houston. Jax is a different team at home they have only given up like 7 a game there, plus they want revenge agaist Houston for the bad beat. Plus Chi is missing some of the starters
  6. QB Question

    Hard to say. Nyj suck agaist the run, I think they will try to run the ball this week and not pass as much. Brady has been ok this year just not huge except agasit the Vikes. Romo has been very good and To could hold on to the ball his numbers would be even better. Ariz will play them hard, but Dallas will win and get some good passing pkays in. Hard to pick a 3 game starter on the road over a 3 time superbowl winner, but, I would roll the dice and do it guess I am crazy too
  7. Start Eli vs. Chicago

    I would go Eli Rivers, it is albout LT 3 tds sunday all runs by LT, they dont pass for many yards either. Cinn has been more of a def team this year, or atleast they arent scoring alot. I know its Chicago, but the de is beat up, without atleast 3 starters. I would go Eli and hope for the best. Some people werent gonna start Ronnie last week ... ask them how that worked out. This is all based on Plax playing. If he is out then you may want to go waiver wire
  8. WDIS @ #2 running back?

    bell unless tatum is atleast 90%
  9. WDIS?

    lj/kj obviously bruce unless you know donte is atleast 90% he may not play the whole game as usual.
  10. I hate Reggie Williams

    I hate the Bells both of them
  11. WDIS RB

    Brown Lundey than Barber Chi doesnt shut anyone out, except GB, so maybe he scores a td
  12. Maroney or Jordan

    Jordan is far from 100.00 either. I drafted Jordan in round 2(cause I was stupid),and just cant get myself to drop him. I would go Maroney, Indy 32nd agaist the run/ Pitts is alot better not sure what number. Ne is playing at home, Oak on the road. Oak offense just sucks Oak Jordan 45yrds 0 catches(idiot shell, from 70 last year to est 15 this year) .2 tds Fargus 32yds .3 tds Ne Dillon 82 yrds .7 tds Maroney 68 yrds .8 tds catches cant be less than Jordan
  13. Pick 1: Portis, Dunn or Lewis

    Portis he has 6 tds this year in somewhat limited action. Wash always plays Dallas tough at home, they are coming off a bye week aswell. At 2-5 they need to win very badly, Romo is still way too young to be considered reliable. Portis will outscore Dunn, unless he breaks a long one. If you feel he will then go Dunn otherwise I would go Portis
  14. Better RB in Today's Game

    dillon (for sure) only expect like 80 yrds maybe a td no receiving yards caddy gets pulled if they ever get to the 2 yard line, which isnt very often. Pittman comes in on 3rd downs. Last week caddy had 8 carries only. both should be decent, but far from great today
  15. Lee Evans and.........

    bryant is a starter and henry is the #3 guy sf is at home cinn is on the road balt no less i would go bryant and cross my fingers neither is a great play
  16. Bench Portis?

    portis if he plays he has 6 tds johnson only 2 this year 6-2 no question to me
  17. wdis

    Bruce Home vs KC Bruce is a solid but not flashy guy Evans Home vs GB Evans it seems is a all or nothing guy who do you like better .25 per catch 10yds=1 pt
  18. I need help with rb?

    taylor than a toss up Mc gahee at home, gbay is good agaist the run Green has been hot when healthy would like to see more receptions from him, I woilf pibk mcgahee but not by much
  19. would you start Haurd over Kitna?

    no way anything can happen but he has been hot coming off bye and atl has been bad lately
  20. Which RB's To Start!

    gore will get his points doesnt matter the matchup
  21. WDIS at Flex?

    I like lundy he will get receptions aswell
  22. wdis

    any other thoughts
  23. Flex Question

    .25 per recption need 2 Bruce @st loius could be a shoot-out , but Curtis is gettign too much attention as a #3 receiver Evans home vs gbay had bye should be ready for the 32st de agaist the pass, but Losman is iffy and the weather who knows. Lundy@NYG Starting rb always better than a tier 2 receiver, but the giants de agaist the run is tough, but he is a s killed receiver.
  24. Flex Question

    need two anyone else
  25. Trading Bulger or Brady

    I could use a runningback and/or receiver seems silly to sit a qb each week I think Bulger is slightly better than Brady, but for now lets assume they are both even. On a straight up deal what kind of br or receiver should I ask for tier 2 back t jones/rudi/ gore might be too much/ green,a/ dunn tier 1 receiver c johnson crumpler(te league) any thoughts