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  1. WDIS -- Terry Glenn or Bryant Johnson?

    I like BJ this week if fitzy is out
  2. Tuesday, I Won by 1.75pts to go 4-3, today I am 3-4. Yahoo changed L Evans from no fumbles to one fumble which is -2, thus I now lose. He had only 1 catch for 10 or 11 yards right before the half. doesnt show that he fumbled, but Yahoo is stating that he did. Is there anyway to check on this. Any help please
  3. L Evans did he fumble before the half

    anyone able to find this out?
  4. I just lost by a point!

    Did L Evans fumble on Sunday, it cause me to lose 134 -133.75. How can they miss a fumble?
  5. Pay sites or free sites?

    Fanball is pretty cheap 65.00 I thnk, they have live scoring and as a comish its very easy to work with. I can set up my own schedule, and has better setups for the rules. They also have on line help for questions. Yahoo does not. Colston isnt a TE either.. Yahoo just gave me a loss, they changed L Evans scoring him with a fumble -2 iI lose by .25pts . states he didnt Yahoo I have no recourse.
  6. qB START? Bulger or Grossman?

    I drafted Brady in round 5, but during the 11th round Bulger was still there as some teams(10 team league) kept passing on qbs, this was a idp league also. I said I am not letting anyone get Bulger this cheap so I picked him. Turns out he is much better than Brady atleast so far. I go Brady this week. First of all chicago is so much better than SAn Fran they will run the ball with Benson in the 2nd half. San Diego can sack the qb, but they can be passed on, they have some injuries in the defense. The Rams O is coming along, and with the bye week, they are very healthy
  7. Tough matchups

    I would go Gore I know the Bears are tough,but he is too good to sit. then Foster Barber had a nice day and Foster will get all the carries problem with Dillon is Maroney, never know what game he will get more carries
  8. Rank these WRs...need some WW pickups

    might not be very helpfull, but I dont like any of them. S holmes/Washington not a passing team Ward/Miller first to see passes M Clayton Balt pass O sucks J reed just not good Taylor, Travis? if so didnt know he was still playing Robinson is ok more of a big play guy, If you pick the right game he could have a nice one Booker hasnt done a thing until last week I would go Robinson/Booker depending on their match
  9. WDIS at QB

    I would go with Leinart this is GB we are talking about didnt Harrington go for 414 last week. I know he had a bad game agiast the Raiders, but they are highly ranked agaist the pass, believe it or not. Matt is an iffy Qb at this stage his career, but fantasy wise, he should have a good game this week.

    1pt tackle .5 asst 3 int 4 sack 2 fumble I have right now Rhodes / Dyson need to start 2
  11. Manning -vs- Grossman in week 8

    I know its a machup thing, but Manning is the king of Qbs, besides Denver de has beaten Clev/Oak/kc without Green(kc sucks at Denver every year anyway)/Balt thats 4 of their games all bad offenses, yes the beat down New England granted and the Rams, but the Rams 1st game under new coach. Denver has been destoyed by Indy 2 of the last 3 years in the playoffs. Chicago coming off bye after their horrible monday night preformance playing a horrible SF DE If it was Bulger or mcnabb I might consider switching, and this is from a Gatorr fan, I am not sold on Grossman just yet. When its all said and done I would go Manning he is the King
  12. Would you drop dallas d

    I couldnt drop Dallas fast enough, some by week replacement for Balt haha gave up 36pts got me 2pts
  13. I'm 7-0

    To be 7-0 its more than just having a good team. Playing people that have bad days helps. If you dont score the most points each week you can lose those games, thats where the luck really factors in.
  14. wdis Harrison vs R Brown

    Holts a given need 1 Harrison @ Denver ytd 85.5 6 games R Brown hom vs Jax ytd 95.5 7 games Brown Jax looks de looked terrible agaist Housotn(too many injuries) when heathly Santana Moss put up huge numbers Harrison well hes harrison, solid, game in game out each year. Although Denver De looks tough this year they havent faired well agaist Indy in ther past Hard to sit Harrison, but I am leaning towards it
  15. wdis Harrison vs R Brown

    Kidding about what, they are both scoring the same this year per game. Phil has a much better match up at home than Indy going agaist the number 1 de in football.
  16. WDIS RB/WR

    tiki is a great back, but take away tds and you lose alot. Unless he breaks one, lets assume he wont score, then look who they are playing and its on the road. I go with KJ and Brown
  17. Trade Advice for T. Bell

    Not for me T bell is solid and should have a big year. Burress is so up and down, As long as Rhodes is there I wouldnt want to start Addai. If Den o gets going t-bell could finish with 1500yards and 14tds
  18. WDIS - Dunn, F. Taylor, or L. Jordan

    Freddy is the play, it may not work out that way, but it is the right move. atl plays pitts terrible matchup Freddy plays Houston cant get better, If they get up by alot and pull him, chances are you did pretty good 100 and a td are very good results for any player. Jordan O-line really sucks
  19. Nice problem to have

    bench To Dallas will try to run, and they have more players to pass to, yes TO would like to have a big night on MOnday night tv, but it may not be up to him. Roy is it on Detroit,no way to bench him the way he has played DJAX Sea cant run, they will passing to win, and his production when health has been better than To
  20. Qb wdis

    Brady has disappointed so far, they look to run first
  21. Qb wdis

    Or should I p/u Favre @ Miami Pennighton home agaist detriot de
  22. Sit LJ for Tatum this week?

    hard to sit LJ but some might consider T bell(Den starting rb) as a stud also. Denver is definately a run first pass second if at all team this year. Tough choice
  23. DeAngelo Williams for Reggie Brown

    d williams is not the next L J when he was healthy he didnt get even 1 carry and was de-activated in atleast 1 maybe 2 games. Unless Foster gets hurt, he absolutlely no value. I am still waiting on Taylor/Rhodes/ T Bell/L T to get hurt, all have backups that could be great, but for now they are worthless
  24. plz need quick response

    .5 ppr Jordan VS Denver tough de wont have much room to run/doesnt get many passes either/what about fargus Jordan ave 8.6per game Mason VS Carolina yikes balt passing game is terrible/ mason ave 8.1 per game
  25. WDIS @ WR

    I would go Boldin, you drafted him higher and Ariz will throw the ball, how success-full who knows. Boldin will gewt alot of looks, Mushy wont