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  1. Championship on the line

    I know it sounds crazy, but I am putting my faith in Dayne this week
  2. wdis word answer ok

    have had 1 vote for each player so far, tie breaker??
  3. which Defense?

    think the same thing with balt. I think pitts gonna win, thus i dont think balt is a good play. In the end I will stick with Balt
  4. Morris or Dunn?

  5. battle and hackett, bryant is out for season no one else to throw to
  6. McGahee / Benson / Dayne

    willis solid runner at home agaist tenn, bills good home team
  7. McNair or Vince Young?

    young not by much though
  8. losman or young

    dont know your scoring system but rushing yrd is alot in mine and I would start YOung
  9. receiver dilemma

    cj hackett edwards (assuming dj is out) colston as t/e
  10. Start Grossman or Hass?

    hass they need to win to get ready for the playoffs. chi may just try to run the clock out
  11. Romo or E. Manning ?

  12. could favre suck an worse

    6 turnovers no tds in last 2 games
  13. what else **** wdis

    .5ppr 10=1pt td=6 Boldin @ sf boldin has done much latley nor has sf de Gates @ sea LT hogs too much, lowers Gates output hackett vs SD just p/u him, he seems to be Hass main guy R Williams vs ChI 1-11 last week only 4tds ytd very unimpressive, Chi has clinched everything and their de has some many injuries A Green VS minn no one has done anything agaist them this year I have no idea whom to start
  14. what else **** wdis

    so far a pick for williams gates and hackett anyone with a strong opinion?
  15. could favre suck an worse

    I doubt anyone would start Jackson, manI miss Mcnabb, I guess I could have started Rattay
  16. Nice options at WR, but WDIS?

    driver harrsion, I would rather lose starting Harrison than Colston
  17. Should I bench Favre this week v MIN?

    I would go Favre, BUT he did suck agaist detroit last, so the fact Minn sucks doesnt make me feel great about Favre. With that said Rattay isnt the answer and i would go FAVRE, and a small prayer couldnt hurt
  18. Barber II vs. Bush

    1ppr bush
  19. FWP or MJD!

    tough pick, MJD, I think every week he cant do much with Freddy there, but week in week out he does. FWP has been solid, but they are playing Balt. Hmmm If Taylor is out I would go mjd(JAx is a different team at home and NE is over-rated this year) If Taylor plays go FWP cross fingers
  20. WDIS-League Championship Game

    moss and donte are all or nothing guys they will have 5-110td or 2-15, hard to say which to pick, your other options arnt too promising. I guess I would go with Moss. For some reason Donte has done much with Garcia, even with good passing games. If Garcia has a bad day it would be worse. MOSS
  21. I like Garcia, Dall de has been terrible last few games, Den may try to run the ball with the bell bros
  22. what else **** wdis

    anyone else
  23. Week 16 Fantasy help

    I like Vick defense I dont want to guess
  24. OK last question of the year...I promise!

    if the weathers is good ie no wind or rain I would go with Colston otherwise Henry