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  1. Super Bowl Help Needed!

    Colston better player better matchup
  2. QB for Week 16

    Brees 5tds maybe but Vick 4 tds unreal cowboys pass de sucks I would go Garcia
  3. Super Bowl Starters

    I have boildin and roy, I am not gonna start either of them, I p/u hackett, roy had only 3 passes his way agaist a porus gbay de caught 1-11, @ chicago no way, boldin is second fiddle to fitz, and only has 4 tds on the year. I live in tampa and never start bucs, one reason why i have done well over the years, but this week i like him with Rattay starting, not alot but more than your other players
  4. which QB?

    everytime i start favre he sucks really sucks @home vs detroit he has 4 turnovers no tds yikes, i cant pull the triger on him again. Dallas cant stop anyone right now I would go Garcia, hopefully they wont run 3tds in again, cost me in another league.
  5. zach thomas has now with 9 solo and 9 asst how can I verify the amount
  6. Zach Thomas and yahoo had him 11-2 with 2ff now has him with 9-9-2 I read the play by play and I counted 4-16-2 could make a diffenence in my playoffs. any way to check
  7. need a player week 16

    .5ppr 10=1 td=6 in the finals have 3 startes but dont like my matchups on these guys starting S jackson driver and mdj(if healthy) i can start any 5 players a green vs minn boldin just sucks latley addai hurt and second fiddle to rhodes gates rivers sucks 1 for 7 r williams hasnt done much now plays chicago anyone to pickup better than these guys? any thought
  8. Thank you Antonio Gates

    he sure did suck rivers that is 1-7 for gates. funny thing i took out mjd and put in gates, but the computer didnt change it and i get the win instead of a loss.
  9. Need help finding NFL stat corrections

    what change you looking for
  10. Zach Thomas

    thats for all the information, I didnt understand how they input the information. Although I dont like the results, too many points for him, I do appreiciate all the information you gave me. 21 tackles unreal
  11. A.J. Hawk...Where did you go!

    detroit just didnt have the ball enough to get tackles for gbay
  12. Tonight's game has HUGH fantasy implications

    GO WAYNE need 150 1td or 70 and 2tds
  13. zach thomas

    I went to the play by play and he only had 4 solo and 16 assts that the rub
  14. zach thomas had him for 10solos 11ast 2ff they have changed to 9-9-2 I went through the play by play and I have 4 solos and 16 ast 2 ff How can I verify this, could help me win my playoff game 21 tackles just seem to many
  15. zach thomas

  16. hobson

    starting hobson, surely minn will try to run the ball, hopefully quit a few tackels thoughts?
  17. 1=10yrds rush 1=25yrds pass 6=td run 4=td pass Due to the fact to extra pts for running and Jax is 2-5 on the road I am leaning towards Young Wish I still had Mcnabb
  18. J. Lewis VS M. Barber III

    that would be great news as I play agaist him in 2 leagues, dont toy with me
  19. Dallas defense

    wow they stink vick with 3 tds even had 2 tds called back, and they scored again. 8 td passes in last 6 quaters. This is a superbowl team I dont think so
  20. Dallas defense

    9 td passes in a little over 6 quarters
  21. Why?

    It would give the offensive line too much advantage being 3 yards back from the line.
  22. wdis

    Gates at home has been hot 4tds in last 3, plays agaist, kc and Gonzales show him whos #1 mdj @ TEnn last game was great, but only decent yards weeks before it. Health issue for both bakcs .5 ppr makes me lean towards Gates Thoughts
  23. Fragile Fred and Jones-Drew

    yea me too, I think im going with Gates instead(.5 ppr) he may be better anyway
  24. wdis

  25. wdis

    no ppr 1=10yrds 6td Chester may be a risk with the ribs, great matchup but is it worth the risk Bell is the clear #1 now and healthy