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  1. Rudi Johnson or LJ

    probably Rudi, you cant ask for a better matchup, and he is a stud in his own right. LJ has been only soso the last few weeks. You should be good either way
  2. Kicker Question - But Im In the superbowl

    I picked up Stover this week and bench Brown Stover is on Balt and should win the game, when in doubt I go witht team mostly likely to win, you know hes gotta score something. Fantasy is alot of luck, but Kickers its pretty much all luck
  3. WDIS at RB

  4. Holt or Addai for Flex

    I will assume that it isnt a ppr league, probably Holt, unless I knew addia was 100% healthy
  5. Championship game performance league

    Taylor is hurt and Jax is 2-5 on the road I would go Edge
  6. WDIS - Brady or Romo at QB

    Romo although after the last 2 weeks I started Brady, I must say I hate him 0tds, besides I play agaist Romo and last time I did he had 5tds
  7. Feedback Please

    Garcia Driver and Colston I have never like Coles I like Henry but he may not play or atleast be limited
  8. which DEF allows the fewest pts?

    I dont like any of them, but if I have no other options probably gbay wow they stink at defense too, but det is that bad. Arz has played pretty well lately and they are at home, Den de has sucked latley. Pitt I like to win the game outright.
  9. WDIS - Pick 1 RB

    Parker last game he had how many for you? Wont share carries
  10. thinking of benching holt

    Miami will be low scoring game, although booker has been hot, holt has just doing it too long to bench. For me to lose starting Holt sucks, but to lose because you started Booker over Holt really sucks
  11. Driver, To, HOush

    driver and tj should have big games to may have big on
  12. WDIS - On The Road (Again)

    most safe bell
  13. S. Alexander

    you left out taylor also
  14. Betts or Green at RB#2

    Green Betts was pulled at the goaline last week 1st and goal from the 2 duckett carries looses 1 yard 2 and goal pass play 3rd el randle played qb was sacked. Gibbs the idiot, guy runs for 178 and didnt even get 1 carry* stupid* probably should be fired horrible year
  15. Edge vs Denver or McGahee vs Miami?

    I like Willis They beat Miami already* dont tell me then miami wants revenge* just ask Seattle Edge gets pulled at the goaline sometimes
  16. Tiki or Chester?

    Tiki is safe bet plus he should do very well someone **KILL JACOBS*** Why hasnt Tiki broken any long tds though *Strange *
  17. WDIS at QB

  18. is this the right starting lineup?

    I like johnson and booker better than coles, everything else looks good
  19. Pennington, Grossman or Vince Young?

    young everyone is high on jax, but they are 2-5 on the road
  20. ROUND 2

    looks fine to me taylor if healthy
  21. Favre-Grossman-Brady

    I like Favre this week
  22. scoring .5ppr(really helps wr) 1=10yrds 6=tds m-drew @ tenn he seems to be hurt with freedie Boldin vs den although den de seems to stink lately so does Boldin Addai vs Cinn I just dont see them running alot in this one, plus he may be hurt Gates vs Kc he has been hot lately 4tds in last 3, but LT just gets to many tds Leaning towards drew-jones, but also thinking Gates. I just cant put up a 3-39 preformance from Gates * starting the following for sure (this league you start any 5 positions you want except Qb) S jackson/Driver/A Green/Roy Williams
  23. wdis m-drew gates addai boldin

  24. QB WDIS?

  25. WDIS

    well I have both plus Brady Brady just seems to suck latley Bulger, just not sure, I think it will be a low scoring game Garcia everyone is waiting for him to blow up, yes it scares me in the playoffs, but nyg #32 defending agaist qbs in fantasys. Another words theire isnt a better matchup for him, only negative is it is on the road. I am going Garcia fingers crossed btw everyone told me to start Brady last week said I was nuts to even consider Garcia Brady had 0 points 78 yrds with a fumble, Garcia 2 tds 0 turnovers