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  1. Do you trust Shaun Alexander anymore?

    sjax is the bomb underrated of orts, of course we get .5 ppr
  2. Seattle Thrusday night Weather

    is it a cross wind or end to end ie effect punting and kickoffs?
  3. Seattle Thrusday night Weather

    doesnt look that bad on espn
  4. Barber III killed me last week?

    I play agaist lewis in 2 leagues and he scares me alot I would say Lewis
  5. yes it is gonna be windy tonight, my opponent is starting Hasselbeck and hackett, so I thought about starting burelson. Burleson get 1 point per 15yrd returns plus 1pt per 10 yrd receiving .25ppr, he is starting tonight Berrian home vs tbay* tbay de agaist the run is pretty good defending the pass is not Boldin home vs Denver Boldin just hasnt done much lately. My thoughts since he is starting Hasselbeck and hackett, if it is truly windy and no passing, he will lose 2 players to my 1. Plus the return yards just no sure how many kickoffs there will be
  6. Julius or Arlen?

    arlene is worhtless * will probablt split carries too
  7. RB question -- WDIS and pick up?

    do it fast and cut benson he sucks anyway
  8. This Just In...........

    What would LT do to the colts now yikes 230yds and 5tds
  9. Now that Kevin jones is out....

    I started him last time this happened and he had 13 yards 2 rec for like 20yrds i would say no
  10. Seattle Thrusday night Weather

    seroiusly does this effect kickers? have brown should I look elsewhere
  11. WDIS at WR

    you must go wayne, it should be a shootout, besides his numbers this year you owe him. probably owens, colston still not 100%
  12. reciever help

    .25ppr 1=10yds 6=td Berrian vs Tbay they wont be behind will they have to pass at? Dallas had 5td passes Evans Vs Miami he is a hit or miss guy mia has been tough lately Boldin vs Denver he has been a disappointment, especially lately
  13. reciever help

    anyone else
  14. Dillon or M. Barber?

    dillon you know he gets his carries. Barber 2 for -2 last week
  15. Bulger, Favre or Young?

    I have Bulger, I didnt play him last week I started Brady lol 0 points , but tha said I dont plan to start Bulger @ oak Stl sucks on the road weather could be bad and Oak de is great agaist the pass. I am leaning towards Garcia for you I would go Favre
  16. Which RB to Pickup to Replace Kevin Jones?

    morris Dayne @ ne isnt pretty
  17. Tough Playoff Decision!

    I have Jackson, and he hasnt let me down yet. #3 in my league Id go Rudi-if you didnt you should hang yourself and Id go Jackson Seattle wants revenge on Gore. IF its only on nfl network is that considered national tv
  18. Last year I think it was the highest scoring game of the year. What you thoughs this year? Start the obiviously players what about the tier 3s guys addai*henry*rhodes*all of indys tight ends. score cinn 41 indy 35
  19. Brady or Favre this week?

    ne line is bad, so are their receivers, but there still maybe something else wrong with Brady
  20. WDIS

    I read that Burelson was gonna start, but its early in the week I guess wait and see. Dont forget Engram he may be back
  21. Brady or Hasselbeck for all the marbles!

    I dont know Brady, wow he sure has sucked, I have him and Garcia, not sure what I am gonna do
  22. screwed up league !

    the fact is head to head rewards a team based on 1 game total points rewards the team for 13 or 14 games please dont give me that this is the way the nfl does it. Your team isnt really playing their team or vis versa, its playing different players agaist different teams. Whom ever scores the most gets a win. Its not like your beat them cause you have more talent or you match up better. Not to mention the bye week games I love total points
  23. Ride with Brady next week or Kitna?

    it was probably me you told that to. I started him over Garcia yikes what a mistake. My oppenent had Brees lol 42-0 but I still won the game somehow. Look Brady has sucked in most games this year. They love to run the ball inside the 10yrd line. Agaist Detriot Brady had 0 tds , last week he was shut out of course. The receivers suck in New England, the line isnt playing well. I would love to plug him in this week and get 200 and 2tds, but I dont thinkits gonna happen. Good weather, I would go Kitna(no kj) they will have to pass.
  24. Marty Booker

    I have been doing this along time, one thing I have learned, dont get caught up in names go with whos hot and Booker has been red hot
  25. Is it time to bench Boldin?

    afraid so, he just hasent produced much. I would go elsewhere if you have good options