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  1. I won by 1.75 last time, until Thursdays reversal gave L Evans a fumble then I lost 133.75 to 133.50, cost me a first round bye. I dont want to lose to him again. Garcia @ wash he has played excellent so far, but it is a scary pick over a tom brady. Garcia probably has more upside, but more risk. Is the reward worth the risk Brady @ Miami should be a low scoring game, although Brady seems to play better on the road this year, he is coming off a 0 td game last week agaist a lowly Detroit team. I dont see more than 2 tds scored by NE Leaning toward Brady, my friend said go Garcia and said it wasnt close other qb Bulger, no way I go that way
  2. boldin

    where is he
  3. Tom Brady Killed Me Today

    boy did he suck today. last week he had 0 tds also, guess he isnt a very good fantasy qb
  4. t brady sure sucked today

    dont know how to add on that 78yrds passing wow that is Arron Brooks like
  5. Brady vs Garcia **** I want revenge****

    guess I should have listened to my friend brady sucking it up Garcia lighting it up
  6. Lundy

    does this make a difference, or is dayne gonna get half anyway
  7. Lundy vs Evans

    scoring .25ppr 10yrd=1 td=6 Last week Dayne got most carries, if it wasnt for a kickoff return to the 3yrd line Lundys game would have really sucked. Is he worth the risk? anyone know what the situation looks like this week in Houston With Dayne getting most carries last week, is Lundy worth the gamble, over a receiver like Evans
  8. Defense to play for my playoff game

    I would go Tenn its true tampa is weak, but atl de hasnt been very good either. Tenn has played well lately, and carr is pretty bad
  9. Which receiver?

    I agree with lost picks
  10. I figure I'll give it another shot...

    I like roy over fitz Gould
  11. LT will not get in the endzone......

    maybe you should kidnap him tonight or you gonna be sorry. I think he just scored from 3yrds out already, seriously i hate him, but there is no way he doesnt score at san diego. Denver de has been pretty bad lately and Cutler is not ready for prime time just yet. Can you say short field
  12. Pick 2 WR

    hend and furrey
  13. 1st Week Playoff - Choose Defense (WRTA)

    I have Balt also, I didnt like the match up so I picked up Cinn, home vs Oak. I dont like Ne @ Miami a whole lot either. IF those are the choices I would go Balt they have been money all year. Just dont expect a huge game.
  14. QB/WR WDIS help

    hard pick, not sure both risky, leaning towards eli car de isnt very good anymore
  15. if thats your options i would go drew-jones much more likely to score
  16. More important than RB picks

    brees he leads the nfl in passing
  17. James or Bell?

    tough spot to play at sd but I would go bell. James got pulled at the goaline last week 3 times, screw that
  18. branch or evans?

    branch just hasnt done anything this year, evans has had alot of iffy games, but he broke out once huge. Evans will get most of the passes, you cant say that about branch I go branch
  19. seattle fans

    league adds return yards 1pt=15 return yards makes receivers that return the ball more valueable will he be the main guy this week, like the last 2 weeks. If he could get a few passes he would be a great play for me.
  20. tom brady = white water

    another stupid lawsuit, gee they have his picture, so what. Just another example, of how the rich and spoiled sports personalities have huge egos and unbelievable greed. Besides he gave me 0 tds last week
  21. Young or Garcia

    scoring 25=4pts 10rush=1 ptd=4 rtd=6 int=-1 Garcia has been good so far and he has good players to toss to westy/brown and stallworth @ wash very weak defense neg is older qb that scares me for some reason Young good runner xtra points, and houston is just a bad team neg lacks good players to throw to, and he is a rookie
  22. WDIS (2 of 3) RBs

    I know the bears de is very good, but agaist the run they have given up big yards to some runningbacks off the top of my head a green in a shutout had over 100yds/ r brown had biggest game of the year/last week minny ran allover them/ne did decent. My point is s jackson is the number 3 over fantasy rb hard to sit him agaist anyone. Barber could have a big week this week, but then again jj may get more carries you never know. I would go with the two starters westy and jackson
  23. WDIS @ QB?

    qb I dont know, I have the same 2 wr booker he has been hot rb I dont like Jacobs, worthless unless he scores hes no Marrion Barber I would go with yikes hate the Hou situation, try a ww pick up Morris/Fason/Houston/Fargas gotta be someone
  24. oak over balt de

    Houston is playing terrible and Oak de is pretty good they are also at home, Hous just lost their starting center. Balt has been great true, but cinn is healthy and playing well the last few weeks atleast offensively. the game is at cinn. Last year cinny put up 42points. Am I crazy