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  1. oak over balt de

    Oak de was dominating, held them 32 yards passing. If it wasnt for a special teams td(returned it to the 3 yard line) and a def td this could have been a huge play. Still out scored Balt 10-6, but should have been even more. Sometimes you need to look at the matchups. If you always started your best player, then there is no need for a message board
  2. Morris Or Evans

    .25 per catch 1=10yrs 6=tds Morris vs JAx Evans vs SD I am looking foir a safe play thus I am leaning towards Morris Thoughs
  3. Morris Or Evans

  4. Grossman or Leinart?

    leinart should get more yards tds, you never know
  5. Hey Ravens! Score or turn the ball over!

    I was gonna start oak de instead also eveyone thought I was crazy
  6. What Happened To Jason Taylor

    guess i was lucky I went agaist taylor last week and peppers the week before, but the time before I played agaist peppers he had 3 sacks.
  7. Leinart or Hass?

    I would go with Matt no weather issues besides i think sea-den will be low scoring
  8. What About MJ Drew

    go taylor he gets 100% of the carries, Mia de against the run is just as good as chic
  9. Brady Bulger

    1pt 30 yards 6pts=tds -3ints -2fumbles Brady VS detroit should do well atleast before its a blowout. Assuming the dont run for alot of tds Bulger vs arizona should do well, but has struggled agaist week teams. wheres Holt?? I am leaning towards Brady
  10. WDIS - QB

    Romo better fantasy qb / better weather did I mention 5 tds last week
  11. Addai or Tiki

    I hate to admit it but I agree Tiki was my #1 pick guy in front of me took LT 26tds to 1td lol Without a td limits Tiki plus the Giants stink lately addai is hot
  12. Favre or Hassellbeck?

    I agree plus the den-sea should be low scoring limiting fantasy values
  13. Do i change cause of the Rain?

    I dont like rain at all If its gonna be really bad I would pass on him. You are benching Mcnair not exactly a good fantasy qb anyway. If your thoughts were that cinn de sucks I understand, thats why I went with Frye last week 0 tds 4 ints
  14. WDIS at RB...

    m bell is worthless rhodes he is on the wrong side of rbbc norwood rbbc plus vicks running bush is the best with his receptions my league .5pts per catch makes him worth more I would go Morris and hope for the best. Willis had 2 last week JAx is a terrible road team 1-4
  15. Ridiculous choices...but it is true!

    gore and westy btw who every trades with you , there are idiots for sure
  16. Help pick two RBs from these three

    with your rules i would go addai and taylor you know tiki wont score 1td is worth 120yrds
  17. qb ?

    scoring 4=td pass 6=td run 1=25yrds pass 1=10yrds run -1=int Matt @ st loius + dome this time of year is important- st loius de sucks- good receivers to throw to. - rookie qb that has struggled-ariz is on the road -- I have boldin already maybe too eggs in the basket-anti mobile Young vs indy + rushing yards and rushing tds/Indy de is soft/may play from behind thus need to pass more -outdoor game/very up and down player/limited passing ability with iffy receivers thoughts please btw i started frye last week so anything will be better this week
  18. Which QB

    Brady should do well, but you know Brees will do well.......... Why take a chance besides it could be a lot of running in the 2nd half in Foxboro
  19. T Jones or MJD?

    dont like either this week. Lets face it Jax on the road sucks 1-4 Taylor gets 75% of carries(have drew also waiting for the injury to freddy) Drew has produced in the small amount of carries he gets, but @ Miami it will be tough. Jones at the (by far) #1 de agaist the run, isnt promising either. Based on just sheer touches, I would go TJ
  20. QB Help

    I went Frye last week also. 0tds 4ints great stats agaist cinn de no less. I am rolling the dice with Leinart, in a dome agaist rams de which sucks to boot.
  21. Antonio Bryant

    I was high on Bryant to start the year, but he hasnt produced since week 2. I dont know why. You might be better with the starter in Pitts. The huddle stated it was wilson. tbya de isnt good anymore
  22. oak over balt de

  23. WDIS along with Gore

    could go either way but betts home I think sterioder is back and sd de is playing well. I think they are going to try to make losman beat them, and stack the line, I know I would
  24. WDIS at RB this week

    When a guy has a big week I usually start him the next week. I would go Lewis, especailly if Foster plays than it will be rbbc
  25. wr,help

    j-ville is a very good team @ home, but on the road they havent preformed well at all 1-3, Buff 2-2 @home. I owe Evan s a start after last week, weather wont be a problem in Buff. I would go Evans