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  1. WDIS?

    tough choice Green will get all the carries Sea de agaist the run isnt what it was last year. Just ask Chester Taylor and Gore, they had HUGE games agaist them. Lundi 50% of the carries NYJ run de is 32 I think I prefer 100 over 50 atleast here
  2. Frye v. Cincy

    I almost started Harrington also but just couldnt get myself to do it. I lost Mcnabb last week, and this week gonna cross my fingers and start Frye. Cinn de is the terrible, great week for Winslow and Edwards, thus Frye should do well.
  3. scoring 1pt tackle .5 asst 4 sack 3 int 1 pd huddle recomends this week. Does he start and play most plays?
  4. Anyone playing Arlen Harris today?

    true but even lt couldnt have score with that blocking
  5. bush or dillon//// furry or bruce

    bush he will get receptions and have some running yards. Dillon agaist the Bears is not to promising Furrey Bruce has underpreformed all year and the rams suck now lost last 5, with a shutout last week
  6. Lundy,A-Train or Marion Barber?

    both rbbc but Lundy gets more carries, beside it drives me crazy see j jones get 10 strait carries with Barber eating a hotdog on the bench. A-train tough matchup and Magahee may be back
  7. Which RB

    I wouldnt start edge at Minn they are to tough agaist the run Is Ruben still out? A-train if he is starting

    dont have much for 3rd rb. Is harris gonna get all the carries, can he get 70 yards
  9. WDIS at RB with Jackson

    silly ? Didnt Gore just hace 215 last week. Now he plays the Rams De that gave up over 200 yds to the Panthers. NO way I sit Gore
  10. fred taylor vs. chester taylor

    chester is the only runner in Minn Freddy splits carries go taylor
  11. wdis any advise plz

    standard scoring Harris vs Mia Betts vs Car NOt great i know
  12. Not so goo RB core to choose from

    I stated before the year started to stay away from Caddy. I live in tampa, everyone on here thought i was crazy. With that said, I say go with him this week. Betts had 18 yards last week, and will get pulled at the goal line if they ever get there wash sucks. A-train didnt do much either and their is a chance Mcgahee may play and start. I would go Caddy unless you want to take a chance A-train gonna get the carries, and you chancge to Betts if mcgahee plays.
  13. Watson or Cooley

    cooley has been playing better the back seemed to look for him alot last week
  14. This is why Favre is the great one

    Favre looked terrible in the first half. I know he didnt have a lot if time to throw, but he missed Jennings a few times open. He kept throwing the ball to high. His numbers were terrible like 5-16 or something
  15. Romo v. Colts or Leinart v. Lions?

    romo leinart has done 0 last 3 games
  16. WDIS at 2nd RB Today

    not great options sa will play some in a close game bell may not play or may play alot and its a 4pm game no way to change later sa is safer cause atleast he will see the field
  17. WDIS at RB2?

    Barber nyg tough agaist the run Indy isnt
  18. Need a #2 WR?Jennings or Henry

    Jennings have same players
  19. Bulger or Favre?

    I am going Brady over Bulger and Farve over Kitna both tough picks but thats what is gonna be fingers crossed
  20. Farve Kitna

    Farve home agaist a very beatup NE secondary, neither team will have alot of success running the ball, so their should be plenty of passes. How hurt is Favre Kitna @ Ariz some bad teams her, I think KJ will have alot of running room and Kitnas numbers might not be as high as everyone thinks Leaning towards Favre
  21. I hate to start the same backfield, but they will try to run, and you will get the tds atleast no matter who scores them Lundy scares me, and Brown I guess is hurting
  22. Need a little help with a WR please

    I like Driver and stallworth(if 90% or better) with Jennings getting more healthy I would go Stallworth and pray that tenn can score to keep it close or they will just run the ball in the 2nd half. Its kind of coin flipper no way on Boldin that O just sucks
  23. Favre injured?

    I wanted to start Favre over Kitna, but read he pulled a groin and is listed as probable. Is this anything to be concerned with, or not. It was a toss up to start with.
  24. WDIS at WR - Pick 2 Please

    are you kidding. I hate clayton and dropped him 4 weeks ago. Anything can happen, but Colston is the top rated receive in fantasy, and Harrison is Harrison, he will get plenty of passes his way agaist Dallas
  25. Bulger vs McNair