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  1. Brady or Kitna

    for some reason I have a bad feeling about Kitna, I would go Brady. Gbay is decent agaist the run, something like only 1 100 yard rusher. I think that Ne will have simialr game play as they did agaist the Vikes, but check the weather first. Yesterday it stated mid 40 partly cloudy
  2. Bulger or Rivers

    I think the sd/den game will be lower scoring both teams trying to establish a run, cant tell you wich Bell it will be, but I would go Bulger.
  3. Kitna OR Farve

    Gb at home vs NE Detroit @ Ariz Farve more likely to have td passes than green running for a tds Will Kj take the tds from Kitna leaning towards Farve
  4. Do I not bench Holt and Tiki?

    I hate A johnson, he sure screwed me last year. But that was last year, he has been money this year each week. Holt is up and down, and has been down the last 3 weeks. If you want to say Holt is a better receiver overall I wont debate that, but this is fantasy not reality. I go A johnson for sure. No way I start fitz over either of them. Ariz O sucks, they cant run or pass, they would be better with Warner in there Yikes

    KC for sure Kc is gonna win thge game. They are at home and oakland O sucks. Sure denver O isnt great, but Sd de hasnt been either. I have balt and I think I am gonna start KC
  6. Who would you rather have

  7. Alex @ sf who knows how much he will play Sf is a decent home team and has a great chance to win this game Barber vs INDY I think he is so much better than Jones, but I guess Bill doesnt. This is a rbbc for sure, but he usually gets 40-50 yrds a .8 tds a game. Indy we all know suck agaist the run, Dallas will try to run the ball Taylor @ Miami chester only has 2tds ytd. He is hurting a bit, and Miami is playing better now, and at home. Minn cant seem to do anything on the offense side of the ball either. Oh did I mention have the nightmare rbbc the Bell brothers (completely worthless) I am leaning towards Barber whats your thoughts
  8. WDIS need 2nd rb please advise

    anyone else
  9. WDIS at RB

    edge thomas betts
  10. Who would you start?

    Kitna mcnair isnt good
  11. Brown/Dunn/Maroney/A-Train

    dunn not @ balt maroney gb is decent agaist the run plus he doesnt get the tds I like a-train and Brown
  12. Bench Green or Taylor for A-Train?

    for some reason green has been cut from the paasing O, thus just a runner he loses value I go A-Train
  13. Help....I can't decide

    JJ for sure Donte if healthy
  14. R Barber help please

    Any way to double check how many pass defenses he had iin monday nights game. has him with 3, but they did have the following play incomplete to s smith(barber)(barber) Yahoo has him with 4 pass defenses it looks like they counted this as 2
  15. R Barber help please

    does an int count as a pass defense? or just an int
  16. yahoo scoring

    I am tied with another team at 120.75, we get a point for a pass defense. Yahoo has Barber with 4 pass defenses. I looked it up on they have Barber with a double pass defense on one play. How is that possible? Take one away and he only has 3. Is there a better website to view the results?
  17. 4 Pro Bowl Receivers and I still can't win?

    I do disagree on Roy Williams. yes he had like 5-81 last week, but he was huge the week before for like 150 and a 65yr td. I think you expect too much from wide receivers. That is the difference between rbs and receivers. Wr will have days of 3-40 as bad days, then come back with huge weeks. Rbs are more reliable each week. A bad day is 18-82 yards no tds plus a catch or 2. Great example is K Jones he had like 40 yrds running but had like 75 yrds receiving. Not a great day running but overall he had 115 yards. I have a feeling that dall Vs Indy is gonna be a high scoring game something like 31-23

    probably not, but i really didnt want tiki but at #6 he was there and hard to pass up. It remindsme a when I use to have Barry Sanders samething

    i know what a joke huge holes anyone could have run those in 1st round LT 20 tds tiki 1 td picking first has advantages
  20. lundy

    is lundy hurt already lost portis
  21. Maroney or A Train?

    A-Train will get 95% of the carries. Maroney gets pulled at the goal line and gets about 50% of the carries, not to mention he may be hurt. Why take a chance, I would go A-Train
  22. Alge Crumpler

    If you look at the numbers this year Gates is below par, sure he is a good TE, but Brown has much better numbers. LT runs for 2 tds a game doesnt leave many td for anyone else. Watch the weather though it might be raining in Phil.
  23. WDIS Need advise

    scoring system 1pt=15 yards return 1=10yard rec .25 ppr 6=td due to the scoring system, a receiver that returns kick-offs start with 3-6 points per game over just a pure reciever. Bruce @ sea steady not flashy only 1 td ytd Curtis @ sea playing a lot more in the passing game 3 tds in last 4 games and returned 88 yards last week, but was hurt this week and may not return kicks D Hall@ mia I think it will be low scoring game not much of a receiver this year, and he he hasnt had a great year in returns R davis@ nyg Berrian is out, so Davis should be the #2 in a game that Chi will have to pass in to win. NYG missing so def players. Davis returns 60% of kickoffs so that worth 5pts I am leaning towards Daivs what your thoughts
  24. Which 2 RBs should I start Wk 10?

    although Lewis stinks he will get 30 carries you have to start him. If T bell is out go M bell otherwise I would go J Jones, although addai is a good start this week
  25. Vick or Bulger

    I would go Bulger, but it does depend on your scoring system. In mine a pass is only worth 4 where a run is worth 6 that makes Vick more valueable, but hard to sit Bulger the way he is playing. 1 int I think this year