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  1. I think picking Seattle as your survivor pick is king of crazy, no matter how bad you think the Rams are (almost beat NO on the road two weeks ago) Seattle is 0-5 on the road and they were blow out in every game.


    My strategy is to only pick home teams if at all possible.

  2. Breeze at home against the Giants, the Saints are trying to run the ball more this year but that will be tough on Sunday


    Warner at Seattle He is on the road, but had good games last year


    I am leaning towards Breeze


    What do you think?

  3. Forte is by far the biggest bust so far, he is average 2.2 yards per carry, and if his production does not improve he may end up sharing carries with other runners. Although it is not all his fault the o-line can not open a single hole. In three games he has a total of 150 rushing yards. Considering he was a first round pick in every fantasy draft, most likely a top five pick especially a ppr league there is no doubt he is the biggest bust.

  4. How can this not be a good pickup if z thomas is still out. Miami was horrible agaist the run last week the raiders had 299 yrads rushing. It lloks like Dayne gets most of the carries.

  5. S moss agaist the defenceless nyg but he is somewhat hurt


    S Holmes he has been ok so far, big ben is spreading it around too much


    Cotchery he is hurt as well



    I am leanong towards Moss