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  1. Jordan Howard signs with the Dolphins

    Nobody forced him to sign the contract
  2. where are all the white wimmins at?

  3. Greetings

    Porter or Burleson?
  4. Ricky Williams

    What kills me about Ronnie is that he does not seem to have any instinct. Great backs, even as rookies seem to have great instincts which he does not. He cannot 'smell' holes or approaching tacklers. He just runs it into a bunch of guys and falls down. Someone please tell me that the has skills and this is just a combination of a line not runblocking well and his having missed training camp.
  5. New England's CB depth a concern?

    Amazing that Bobby Taylor is just hanging out there. Such a big signing a couple years ago.
  6. Ricky Williams

    Ferrotte has been no slouch. He could do quite well for Miami this year
  7. Ricky Williams

    If someone offers you Fred Lane, no. If someone offers you Payton Manning, yes. For all offers in between, it depends on what you are getting.
  8. Ricky Williams

    It depends on if they win the next couple games. If they are in contention, and Ricky give them the best chance to win - you will see Ricky with a bunch of carries. If there is no chance of them making playoffs (something I would have laughed at a couple weeks ago) than you will see more Brown then Ricky - regardless of who gives them the best chance to win.
  9. Can you believe someone in my league...

    If one goes down - very likely - said owner has a starting back. Not a great deal, but not pisspoor either
  10. Dump Kevin Jones for Ricky Williams

    kevfish - I would not do it. Drop someone else or package him with someone else to get a better player and some tool. Drop the tool for Ricky. And if you do trade KJ - hold out for something good. Two games does not make a bust. A silly knee jerk reaction will have your leaguemates laughing at you for years to come Use the advice forum in the future. And ignore blitz he believes himself so important that you should be upset that he has chosen to ignore you. The silly thing is that he takes the time to do it which I imagine is done only to draw attention to himself. He is obviously starving for it. edited to add: what's with ignoring him twice. Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose? Did you forget that you were ignoring him?
  11. Cleveland, Miami and San Fran Fans...

    Ricky is not going anywhere any time soon. His value on the open market is nowhere close to his value to the team. In a world where the Edge, Alexander and Henry could be had for a third, what do you think that someone would give for Ricky? A forth or fifth, maybe? No way. I rather have him on the team. Maybe next year.
  12. The Ring or Circle of Honor

    Emmit seemed really pissed off - the odd man out of the three. He seemed to stand far away from Aikman. Do they not get along? Did Aikman say some things as a commentator that pissed Emmit off?
  13. Giants Fans Should Be Ashamed...

    when you have a point, you have a point. But in said case you have somewhere around seven sixteenths of a point which rounds down.
  14. Cowboys Ring of Honor

    Emmit looked pretty pissed off most the night. Stood pretty far away from Aikman. Do they get along? Did Aikman say something as a commentator that pissed Emmit off?
  15. I Applaud the NFL

    I think it is wonderful what all they are doing. The time and effort invested is admirable. I believe they have also donated league money in addition to everything else. Thank you for the integrity and caring.