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  1. where are all the white wimmins at?

  2. Caddy

    Garcia is going to move the chains - that's all he needs to do. A 60 yard bomb isn't going to do Caddy any good. A new set of downs with 50 yards to go - well that's an entirely different animal. Whatever the case - I suspect he is going to go earlier than I want to take him.
  3. Caddy

    Two years ago that Oline got Chester Taylor a big payday. Jamal's problems were Jamal's. I would hope that McGahee is better than Chester. and, regarding Caddy: Garcia+Gruden=Gannon+Gruden. Gutzy, mobile and dinks and dunks down the field. Caddy = Garner?
  4. Caddy

    a passing game?
  5. Caddy

    45? Wow. The Bucs have had a hell of a time at QB the last couple years. They've like six in camp now and will hopefully take the best three (Cpep as No 2?) This ranking is just as surprising as McGahee at 26. Bucs fans? I am ready to reach past Peterson (committee), Marshawn (committee) DeAngelo (committee) Ahman (dusty) Barber (committee) Deuce (committee), Norwood (committee) and Jamal (turd) to pick him up. Am I crazy?
  6. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    Man, that's just BS
  7. Trade Evaluating Program?

    I am running a 16 team work league. There are 3 owners that have never played before and a handful of others who are pretty green. My first thoughts were to not allow trades because everyone would decend on the new guys. Chances are they would make horrible trades and not only walk away with a bad taste in their mouth for fantasy, but ruin the balance of the league by hooking somebody up with an egghead trade. I do like trading though. Is there a program where I can put two players in and get a 'yes' or 'no'?
  8. I can not put into proper words........

    I'm excited, but scared. More players seem to get hurt in camp than during the season. :keepingmyfingerscrossed:
  9. R Goodell

    I won't be upset about the league not doing anything about him before he is found guilty of something.
  10. Is this lying?

    You owe that cat nothing. The other guy is a close friend. Did you lie? Sure. But you stood by the guy that you needed to stand by. You didn't ask to be put in this situation... by the time he asked you if you'd say anything - the damage was done.
  11. Kickball

    hmmm.... funny you mention that because I was pitching. Strange how new things - however small - can mess you up. Is there any rules to pitching? I gunned it and put a spin on it. Thought I was going to break the legs of the people kicking. I felt kind of bad. As mentioned though - we've pretty competative
  12. Kickball

    I played kick ball a couple years ago on a camping trip... there were like 10 of us... We hurt from head to toe the next morning. It was the craziest thing... we played quite a while, but its kickball we are talking about. ( I play football and volleyball pretty regulalrly) We are all very competitive though... but dang it... its kick ball. kick ball kicked our asses. sounds fun, a kickball league
  13. I've got the no. 3 spot in a work league (16 deep)

    No, not yet - but he told me he would. I he would have release that info before I picked, I'd have taken the 6th, 7th or 8th slot. I do like SF potential now that they've gotten some wides... but dang... Gore is scarey. Work on both knees and shoulders. A coach that says he isn't going to run him so hard... and .... not enough starts to really know what kind of back he is.
  14. We roll a little differently than most leagues. First person out of the hat chooses his draft position. Second person choses from what is left, etc. I was third out of the hat. Spots one and two were already taken. I chose three praying that the second guy dug LJ. He didn't. I don't really want LJ - too many question marks. Have I just bought into the 'anti-hype'? Should I reach for Gore or is passing on LJ at 3 dumb?
  15. I've around 400 VHS I am trying to get rid of...

    hmmmm... not a bad idea.... I might ear-mark half for donation and donate them all if the money I am offered for the rest isn't worth it.