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  1. orphan in 12 team dynasty PPR IDP

    Email sent
  2. Rumor/buzz: DK Metcalf to Green Bay??

    Would definitely be a help for the pack but I see him as a number 2. He can get taken out of the game to often.
  3. Watson news - won't face criminal charges

    He’ll need the $$$$ to pay the women’s! 😂
  4. Carson Wentz Traded to Washington

    Different name, same old team.
  5. RIP John Madden

  6. Browns vs Packers (Christmas)

    Interception number 4 dropped
  7. Giants vs Washington (TNF)

    Just like last year. Give up an early score, then clamp down, then start allowing one third down conversion after another, especially late.
  8. Draft Day Coverage

    ABC with Kirk Herbstreit ESPN with Greenberg and Kiper NFL Network with Rich Eisen
  9. Fitzpatrick lacing them up again!

    Gunslinger!!!! Will have great games and games that will have me screaming.
  10. Curtis Samuel to Washington

    I like the signing!
  11. Report: Alex Smith is done in Washington

    I appreciated having Alex with the team last year. He was an incredible inspiration. Only an opinion here but I think his salary had a lot to do with him not returning in combination with the injury late in the season.
  12. RIP Irv Cross

  13. Hey FBJ, how things going?