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  1. Hey FBJ, how things going?

  2. Hey FBJ, whazappening?

  3. Immediate Help Needed

    I went with the Dunn/Norwood combo yesterday. Looking back I wonder if I did the right thing taking Dunn and not going with another RB. To late now. The main thing now is I have a starting RB for wek #7 when Brown and Jacobs are on bye or if one gets injured. Thanks guys
  4. blockbuster keeper trade?

    I think I would do it. You could get a bye week filler for Peyton. I assume there would be no WR available with your first draft pick. The down side is you lose a draft pick now. If you could shop Vince to see what else might be worked out.
  5. Immediate Help Needed

    Thanks for the help so far guys. Since I posted I began to lean more the Norwood/Dunn combo. DMD has them ranked #27 and #30. Thats way above the Jones/Bell combo. I really hate having to use two picks now on a RB combo but their getting thin. Hopefully if I add a comment in with my pick I can try to start a run on whats left to leave some of the other positions I want/need to complete my squad.
  6. Immediate Help Needed

    This is a REDRAFT League with IDP. We get .5 PPR and get 0.10 yds per carry. TD's are 6. My current RB's are Ronnie Brown and Brandon Jacobs. Someone has already taken Droughns(don't know why). Anyhow from who is left which are the best options and/or combos. I had the 12th pick so I will get back-back picks coming up. All my stating roster spots are filled except a 1 starting DE and K. I need RB depth badly. I am leaning Jones/Bell for the upside. Any help appreciated. Norword and Dunn K Jones and T Bell Morency (Jackson taken) Fred Taylor (MDJ taken) Chester Taylor LaMont Jordon and Rhodes Edit: I could take Norwood and Chris Chambers and come out with more pts per DMD's projection. We can start: 1 RB and 4 WR or 2 RB and 3 WR.
  7. Dog Training Question

    Great information Sugar. My family and I really apprecite it. That part about learning bite sensivity was going on with my hand today. She was going at it but never scratch me. Thanks a million. PM sent.
  8. Dog Training Question

    The only reason I we were thinking of using a box is because the crate is for a large dog. The box would act as a crate.
  9. Dog Training Question

    I should add that all the research my wife found was geared toward puppies 8 weeks an older. We were talking and think maybe putting her in a small box with a blanket would help her feel more secure, rather than using a crate
  10. Dog Training Question

    My son just bought a 6 week old female Americian Bulldog. After doing a little research on the Net my wife found out we should not have gotten the puppy until the 8th week. The previous owner had already seperated the puppies from the mother just a few days before we purchased her. My wife was reading about how insecure dogs have a tendacy to be more aggressive. Will letting the puppy sleep with someone for a few weeks make the puppy feel more secure and thus less aggressive? Also, will it hamper its grate training later? Thanks
  11. Free Mock Draft

  12. Free Mock Draft

    Can anyone tell me if there is a site where you can do free mock drafts. I would like one that I can set the number of teams drafting. I also want something I can draft against a computer rather than persons. Finally, I would love to set it for IDP. Thanks
  13. Any boat owners in the house?

    Boats are great. I use to own a 22 ft Sailboat. Spent many of days and nights sailing the waters are Norfolk. That was a great time in my life but had to get rid of it years ago. Been getting the itch again for one. Maybe in a year or two.
  14. Drafting tonight

    For those that want to give their 2 cents. My current team: Ronnie Brown, S Smith, Fletcher and Demeco Ryans. There are 7 picks before I get 2. Should I go after another stud LB, A Peterson, Jacobs or a tier #3 RB or Driver Plax or tier3 wr(a few were taken)? All tier 2 QB's are available except Kitna. Thoughts appreciated