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  1. Write it down

  2. Tie Breaker

    Put yourself in the shoes of the team that you arbitrarily eliminated. You would feel that you just got screwed over. The only "fair" way to resolve this would be to have a rematch the following week, and either match the winning team's score against yours, or delay the superbowl for one week. It's not perfect, but it's the best way to at least give both teams another chance. This is crucial for the integrity of your league if you plan on keeping it going beyond this year. It might end up costing your team, but as commish you are responsible for the league first.
  3. Now is the time

    Good feedback. I think both arguments hold water, but taking Frank Gore, Westbrook, etc. were much riskier picks. Manning was a known good commidity and that's what I want in the first couple rounds. Obviously I had to gamble more at drafting RBs, but if Portis doesn't get hurt I look like a genius (and he has been durable outside of this year). Consistency wins fantasy championships, not players who have big games once every three weeks. Besides, I was tired of Manning teams beating me in the past. So if you can't beat him, join him!
  4. P. Manning (obviously the only reason I even had a chance this week) Sammy Morris (had a feeling about Fragile Freddy) Corey Dillon (filling in for injured Portis) Roy Williams (might have to finally bench this guy next week) Marques Colston Deion Branch Nate Kaeding Demeco Ryans (IDP)
  5. Now is the time

    I wasn't lucky enough to get an LT, LJ, SA, or even SJ in a local redraft because I had the 10th pick. There were no obvious choices other than a stud WR like CJ or Holt, but even those are no guarantee for consistent points. I took Manning because I knew he would be consistently good and occasionally have a big game. He's had three of these so far, and I need one more to stay alive in the playoffs.
  6. LT will not get in the endzone......

    Congrats to LT...but why is he even in the game up by 3 TDs late in the 4th quarter? Marty would be crucified if LT would've got hurt on that last play.
  7. What the heck is going on with SD?

    I am watching this game and I am dumbfounded the Raiders did not get the ball. A forward pass???? That is a ridiculous. Now anytime someone fumbles the ball forward they will claim they were passing it. That was definitely not a pass (anyone else watching can verify this). Refs blew that call big time.
  8. 8-3 in tweleve team local redraft, tied for first but I have the tiebreaker. Lineup mostly has consisted of P. Manning, Portis, F. Taylor, Roy Williams, Colston, and Branch/Evans. 2nd in points scored, but the LJ team has more points and is clearly the better team. I lost to the same guy in our Super Bowl last year and guess who he rode to the title...LJ.
  9. will LT break the TD record?

    I never thought I would see a more spectacular back than Marshall Faulk...after watching LT tonight, I realize I was dead wrong.
  10. ya know, aaron brooks not looking too bad

    Nail meet head. He just threw an INT on first and goal from the 7 with less than a minute to go.
  11. Colston injured

    LOL..I was thinking the same thing. Next year I'll play in a league where you start TEAM WR, QB, RB, etc.
  12. Is R. Moss playing?

    He was in the game earlier, but not much of a factor. He almost caught a pass in the first quarter and was called for offensive pass interference. Raiders also lost two starting O-linemen on the same play in the third quarter.
  13. lot's of injuries

    Dillon hurt? My fantasy season is ending quickly. First Portis, now Colston and possibly Dillon? I also have Lee Evans on my bench today. Time to go back to bed.
  14. P. Manning owners...

    First time for me. He "fell" to me at #11 in a twelve team redraft and there were no RBs or WRs I was absolutely sold on at that spot.
  15. P. Manning owners...

    I was thinking the same, but would anyone out there accept less than LT or LJ for Manning? I don't think I could, but maybe there's another RB who could step up before the season ends. I picked up Leinart in the hopes that AZ will improve towards the end of the year and their schedule does not look that tough.