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  1. DMD, Is It Too Late?

  2. Can I Hold On?

    Ok..im a bit nevous here.. im up by 35 pts.. my openent has: Willie Parker Jerome Bettis Antwan Randle El Hines Ward Heath Miller PIT D i have: Darell Jackson Jeremy Stevens scoring is standard..
  3. Steve Smith

    More.. More.. More.. they lose if Smith is not involved..and oh trust me..hell be involved in this game..i thought hed get shut down last week vs CHI..proved me wrong..
  4. Way to go Plummer

    does look interesting now..cant hate on the guy now..he broke about 10 sacks on that drive..
  5. nick goings?

    plz ...
  6. WDIS TE

    cmon on guys..only got till 2 to get my roster in..
  7. WDIS TE

    this is close.. pick who will go to the super bowl.. Jeremy Stevens or Heath Miller
  8. nick goings?

    upside? the players we take this week..we keep for whoever goes to the superbowl..my team is much lowered in salary if i take him... does he have a decent upside? over bettis?
  9. Who To Win?

    i was also agreeing with PIT and SEA.. more responses plz..
  10. Who To Win?

    In my league..you pick your players and you keep the ones who advance for the superbowl..salary cap league..who wins these games? PIT vs DEN? and CAR vs SEA?
  11. 'Skins and Seahawks Game.

    for real.. SEA is fun to watch when they have the ball..but WAS is a big bore!
  12. Which wideouts step up?

    for SEA..Darell Jackson should be a huge factor in todays game..also Ben Watson had many looks last week from Brady and one of them paid of for a 64 yard TD..Watson should continue to get these looks today..

    ouch..i hope you went portis
  14. WDIS RB?

    more help plz!!
  15. WDIS RB?

    Willie Parker vs INDY or Jerome Bettis vs INDY and also.. Tatum Bell vs NE or Deshaun Foster vs CHI Scoring: 1 pt per 10 yards rushing/receiving... 6 pts per TD