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  1. Good News Steeler Fans

    Papaumoumou is a bad ass safety. There, I said it. Ed Reed a couple years ago was even better, and still now is pretty fargin' good. There are some other excellent safeties in the league, but right there are 4 games against the Bengals. Ouch. I was hoping the Bengals Madieu Williams would approach that level, but I think it is not to be. He's a good player, and a great person to boot (raising his little brother after mom died), and that'll have to do.
  2. Greatest American "Genius"

    Actually, in all seriousness, the greatest genius of all time is the inventor of sliced bread. It's the standard by which all good things are measured, and yet no good thing is better.
  3. Greatest American "Genius"

    The guys who got stinkin rich selling "The Pet Rock"
  4. Best foreign rock band.

    I get it. I like a lot of their stuff. I just don't think their music is 100 miles better than everyone elses. I get all the "influence" stuff. I'd rather pop in a CD by 100 other bands. How could they be the "greatest". I know the argument includes the influence stuff, I get it. Just don't agree. "Brilliant" is in the ear of the listener. Screaming girls on Ed Sullivan was not because of "brilliant" songs. But those pretty boys from Liverpool had 'em all screaming. Coulda been all the drugs
  5. Best foreign rock band.

    That's not the right "Tailgate" attitude
  6. Greatest American "Genius"

    Wylie Coyote
  7. Best foreign rock band.

    Spinal Tap
  8. Best foreign rock band.

    Country Band? Alabama!
  9. Greatest American Rock Band

    Poppycock. Mine doesn't
  10. Greatest American Rock Band

    k I say booey to cultural significance. I understand musical significance, which I assume means other bands emulate. But that would make American Idol one of the greateast American TV show, because there are now 15 shows that copy it. It's all personal preference, but this argument is fun on a Friday. I like Allman Bros. They had definite musical significance (other S. Rock bands). Little/no cultural significance. Don't care. Duane Allman could play a slide like nobody before him. I like Bad Company. I don't think they have any (real) musical or cultural significance. Thought they had a great singer and sound. I like Bob Seger. Lyrics tell stories that remind you of High School. But I don't even care about that. I like the music/sound. Was very good in concert years ago.
  11. What the hell is wrong with people

    I thought there'd be a poll to vote on the answer. Put me down for "Don't take personal responsibility"
  12. Greatest American Rock Band

    "Brilliant" is too strong? How 'bout "lucid" or "well-crafted". This whole argument is silly because music is very personall in preference. YOu think Nirvana changed the culture of an entire generation, I think they're guys who couldn't hold a real job. Tomato, Tomahto.
  13. Greatest American Rock Band

    Lighten up dude. You're awfully personal in your attack. I thought the lesbian reference and the Bee Gee reference would kind of give a clue that I was being a smart-ass. My point was great rock is great rock, and isn't lessened by cultural significance. The rest was being a smartass. Go smoke some Josh Gordon and chill, man. Edit to add - Wait, you may have been a smart-ass, too. I like you again, maybe I need to go chill.
  14. Anyone use Helio?

    Is that one of the Iglesias queers. His song "Hero" sucks, but my wife likes it.
  15. Greatest American Rock Band

    Really? Crap! My point was brilliant up to then.