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  1. our next president

    Trump looks like the lead pipe lock, thoughts?
  2. Olive Garden

    Man they have alot of servers, really ontop of it without buggin the chit outta ya
  3. Don't boil for 5 hrs unless ya like mush. bangshead

  4. I'm gonna boil my ribs, there i said it

  5. Nice trip azshole, fess up

  6. happy belated birthday fag

  7. Yo McBoog, PM ME ASAP, nuke'em ttg

  8. Nah. You look much better as a bottom.

  9. Back at the top.........suckers...

  10. Back off. Nuke is my bitch!!!

  11. Does this taste like spit to you?

  12. Sega!, now I am fourth in line....I hate sloopy fourths

  13. OMG, u suxorz teh big one11!!!11