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  1. Wife dealt with it for a bit; she did a couple things that helped her get over it.


    1) Get arch supports in your shoes. I've heard raising your heel slightly in your shoes helps also but wife never tried this. Supposed to take the stress away from the plantar by doing this.


    2) Wear shoes (w/ arch supports) in the house if you can; especially if you have hard floors everywhere.


    3) As much as it hurts, stretching it slowly and pushing on the tendon by rolling a tennis ball underneath your foot will help reduce pain down the road (I am assuming it is not torn/partially torn, correct?).


    4) Ice it down at night to reduce swelling.


    Hope that helps.


    Good info here, my wife uses a belt under her foot to stretch before getting out of bed

  2. :pc: Hence the tattoo getting the spike getting caught in your skin? :shades:


    that was a funny day, i get out of surgery and my wife says some tbimm called on yer phone so i toldm what happened :lol:

  3. I have the accident plan through work, I think my premiums are $19 per pay period. My son broke his wrist this spring playing soccer and ended up needing surgery and seemingly endless trips to the doctor. I think Aflac paid out about $500 on the claim to cover my unreimbursed insurance expenses for things like splints, casts, the ER visit cost, etc.


    I would probably not bother to sign up for it again in the future, but all I ended up needing to do was fill out a form and fax some stuff to Aflac and they cut me a couple checks. It didn't cover all my out of pocket expenses, but it took a chunk of it away.


    ya i'm not in a group so i get the shaft but i'm accident prone, i'll try it for a year

  4. I would fashion a crude gun out of bamboo and sulpher lying around to kill that thing, but I hope it kills all New Englanders. I'll be standing at the Mason-Dixon just in case. Imagine a world without the Red Sox and Yankees, the Patriots and Giants, the Celtics and Knicks, the Bruins and who cares about hockey.


    What does the word "indecurous" mean? :lol: