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  1. Very cool.


    it only cost $120 thought that was super cheap not sure how long it took, he took 2 smoke breaks and had 3 Red Bulls, i was dead tired and he kept wantin me ta get up and check the progress toldm i was too comfortable ta move yawn:

  2. Cool Nuke next go custom not flash


    :lol: ya as ya know thats Tat 101 and you can prolly do it with yer eyes closed the guy said "" Ya know theres probably 7,000 of those out there, lets tweak what ya want ta make it somehow different" It was a solid start for me it had what i wanted only other option i had in mind was a banner with kids names but couldn't come up with a center piece for it ta wrap around :hscratch:

  3. Ask him what cancer is.


    ya no chit after hearing your story i pressedm on that he also went into blood disorders and i had ta realm in about the cancer and that i need it in clear writting because what happened to you.

  4. Just saw your last post, how did it go?


    ok, i stiil gotta lock in but am set up to start 10/15/12 i'd really like to have 3 plans but am goin cheap 59.41/month accidental for me and wife, shes younger so got a better rate and still saved


    plan 2 wood have been an extra 84.11 for both....thats the stroke,heart,intensive care,cancer diagnosis


    plan 3 cancer was an extra 46.50 did ask him is cancer cancer do all types qualify and he said yes


    i just hated seein that 190/month bill for all 3

  5. :coffee: pull up a chair


    Tat went great didn't hurt at all felt good ta just relax in the chair and do nothing. According to him things went smooth, no swelling at all during the time and little blood.


    My son is brack this weekend ta see gf so they're all amped up ta see it but i gotta keep the gauze on. "Hey Dad does mom know" no son this is gonna be an awesome surprise and we all laugh our heads off.


    Go to homecoming football game.


    Remove gauze clean pat with paper towel let dry


    Son is standing in front of fireplace grinning show him and get the thumbs up then walk into kitchen "Hey honey i got a tattoo" with a blank stare she turns around and the flurry of hate begins slow then chit is gettin slammed around and in less then 1 minute it's a full force chitnomie like the old drinkin days.


    Son "i love both you guys but don't wanna see this"


    just sit on couch and letr rant getting close would be stupid


    she goes into bathroom throws up brushes teeth


    after an hour or so i findr sitting in a brack room all i said was i don't just like it i love it but can't explain it it's a guy thing but i hate what it's done to you lean down and kissr on the neck she pulls me brack and kisses me on the lips for the first time in alot of years i felt love the way it should be forgiveness has gotta be the best emotion ta be part of.


    texted my son and said it's safe and not a warzone movedr pillows brack into our room heldr and went to sleep


    this morning she said she couldn't feel my lips and could i shave the goat down yep honey you deserve that.


    awe :D


    I'll get son ta help me post pics

  6. Nick, thanks for the advice about cleanliness, new needles, new ink, i told the guy i appreciate him showin me the chit out of the bag he said he wished more people asked about it but said the majority don't give a chit

  7. Put it somewhere where it can be covered, even in the summer. I'm thinking that you get a set of elephant eyes, ears and tusks.

    that elephant aint gettin any water with that trunk :unsure:

  8. I know when I was growing up that if we had not had computers with innernet access I would never have learned how to use the card catalog at the library.

    another reason i hated education plus the queers at the main library that take ya clear upstairs and want you to follow them down a narrow aisle 10' tall

  9. gettin my tat today and only have one more serious f'n question Placement

    is the inside forearm offensive to people, like for kids names or nails with blood

    i meet personally with all ranges of people

    ya get the f'r ya might as well see it

    or play it safe on the upper arm