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  1. I have a VTX1300 and love it. You'll need to spring for a Mustang seat if you want to do serious touring, but as CN said adding bags and such is no biggie (I have to mine, and have plans for hard bags in the future). Oh, and my bike was $8900 brand new. That's the only reason I didn't buy a Harley - price. And the Honda will go 50K miles w/o breaking $10 worth of parts. :shrug:


    Don't get me wrong - if money were no object I'd have a Harley Road Glide. But the metrics are good bikes.


    How big a guy are you? I only ask because weight will dictate engine size on a v-twin. Are you looking for long distance or a bike for day trips or less? If you're looking for a good cheap cruiser for trips around town I'd recommend a Honda Shadow 1100 or one of the V-star 900 bikes. If you're a big guy or want a little more oomph then a VTX 1300 or V-star 1300 is a great bike.



    5'9" 210

  2. Good advice :clap: thanks.....ya i'd like ta stretch my legs every couple hours. Right now only have time for 2hour trips on the outskirts, planning a 3 hour on the super slab with my 85 Shadow 700....some old dude has a 2005 750 for 4k not sure how much difference that wood make. Bought mine for 1600 and put 900 into it cause i couldn't do the work :bash: tires, fork seals, carbs. Whats a good highway RPM ta look for?

  3. I mean really..this is like going up to bat in Old Yankee Stadium only to find out Gallagher is pitching me watermelons. Where on earth does one begin?????



    Taz, i challenge you to stop drinkin for yer family then for yerself :)

  4. Love watchin any football, always have hated the Giants but after watchin the Superbowl run i don't mindm so much anymore even Coughlan my new team to hate and am worn out hearnin watchin.... a team i'll actually turn the channel.....Bellacheat / Brady :sick: and the rest that suit up for the Pats. What team woodya send ta hell



  5. We need to take all the money from the rich! It will fix everything*



    * - for about 8 1/2 days. After that we'll have to find another source of income... :thinking:


    wood ya live in America if you were mega rich? where'd be a good place?