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  1. Where can I get good Fantasy Baseball info? baseball
  2. a lot going on in the morning please pick Trout for me when the draft starts thank you John

  3. Hi And hello—been a longtime dynasty owner and huddler-still in 3 dynasties for over 10 years—believe in actively building either by draft or trading—am still playing in the 16 team baseball league sponsor here at the huddle—anyhoo looking to join if still needed thanks John

  4. Sleeper RB of 2007!

    Fliers--Atlanta--Smelling(sp) or Vincent--whichever makes the team
  5. Can Les Miles shut up now?

    LSU will be just fine this year and big IF they beat Viginia Tech--will take a bet they at least make the BCS if not the title game--so I will back up my words with cash
  6. Redraft League

    p/m/ sent
  7. Leftover Grits

    Taught my daughter this one last night and thought some of you southerners might have some use for the recipe 2 cups cooked grits 16 oz frozen spinach 2 eggs 1/2 cup milk 8 oz shredded sharp cheese Italian seasonings Parmesan for light topping Pre heat oven 400 Microwave frozen spinach for 8 minutes in a pyrex baking dish-large enough to hold all the ingredients While spinach is in microwave mix eggs and milk together till blended Strain spinach getting water almost completely out--don't kill yourself over having a little water left in it Add egg mixture, cheese and grits to spinach Stir then flatten in dish Spinkle with Salt-Pepper-Garlic-Basil--whatever your favorite seasonings are--I also add chooped onions and mushrooms After mixing up seasonings and grit mixture move away from sides of dish--lightly either grease sides of dish with butter or spray to keep from sticking Next even out mixture in pan and lightly top with parmesan Bake for 30 minutes in oven at 400 Cleanup is easy for you are only using one pan and prep takes around 10 minutes and baking takes 30 This goes well with fish ---
  8. Older Movie Buffs on a Saturday Morning

    Mr. Roberts--always enjoy the movie no matter how many times I've seen it and crackup with the scene of the Order of the Palm
  9. Older Movie Buffs on a Saturday Morning

    Small little movie with James Cagney and Jack Lemmon
  10. Older Movie Buffs on a Saturday Morning

    Hint World War Two
  11. Older Movie Buffs on a Saturday Morning

    On board a ship--Whom was the target of the "Ass Assassin?
  12. WCOFF roster

    Had Wayne seventh on my board and TJ tenth--so starting 3 wideouts with a flex--receivers were in demand early this year. The only receiver you missed was Hill from San Francisco who I took as a flier --just don't believe Jackson or Lelie are going to be there this year and with D's respecting Gore and Davis was looking for a little magic with Hill--- I had to give up something so Te strength and wide receiver depth are lacking hopefully I can stay on top of the WW early to see whom emerges.. Waiver wire opens after the first weeks games
  13. WCOFF roster

    In this satellite WCOFF league for the first 14 weeks it is points with the top four teams playing a H2H playoff. The winner gets either cash or entry plus room for next year 's tournament in Vegas 1-Gore 2-Wayne 3-TJ 4-Jacobs 5-Bulger--with what he has this year and schedule 6-Norwood 7-Betts 8-Holmes 9-Curtis 10-Cutler 11-Droughns 12-Meachum 13-McMicheal 14-Denver 15-Owens 16-Miami 17-Bush 18-Hill 19-T.Perry 20-Nugent unfortunately will need alot of luck and good health ---
  14. WCOFF roster

    I didn't adapt very well= drafted fourth ==and seemed to have been following the trends for most of the night. Took Nugent with my last pick and waited till round twelve and thirteen for TE's.
  15. WCOFF roster

    Just got through with a satellite league draft and looking at my roster there are more holes in it than swiss cheese--this is a no trade league--so what are the major areas of need. 12 Teams--standard Wcoff QB-1, RB-2-3, WR 3-4, TE 1-2, K-1, D-1 Bulger Cutler Gore B.Jacobs Norwood Betts Droughns M.Bush Wayne TJ Holmes Curtis Meachum T. Perry J. Hall McMicheal Owens Denver Miami Nugent Any thoughts would be appreciated