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  1. Although I am fairly solid at all three IDP positions (DL, LB, DB), I am always looking to have the best possible depth available for trade purposes or in case of injury. I play in a league that requires that each team have only 4 players at each of the three positions, 2 of which start. Our scoring system is as follows: Tackles - 2 points each Assists - 1 point each Sacks - 4 points each Interceptions - 6 points each Fumbles recovered - 6 points each Touchdowns - 10 points each My roster currently is: DL Osi Umenyiora DL Derrick Burgess DL Tamba Hali DL Will Smith LB Keith Bulluck LB Will Witherspoon LB Demeco Ryans LB Shaun Phillips DB Adrian Wilson DB Madieu Williams DB Stuart Schweigert DB Antrel Rolle Questions: DL - Should I drop Will Smith to pick up B. Berry? Smith started strong and has dropped off. Berry started poorly and has come on over the last couple of weeks. Who do you think will be more valuable over the remainder of the season? LB - I just picked up Shaun Phillips last week and he gives me 0 with the injury. Although he may return in 2-4 weeks, there are also several attractive free agents available to take his place: Julian Peterson, Daryl Smith, E. J. Henderson. My thought is to drop Phillips and grab one of these guys. I can always trade whoever I claim to upgrade another position and then possibly regrab Phillips when he returns. Would you drop Phillips for any of these three, and if so, which one? DB - I have contemplated dropping either Schweigert or Rolle for Shaun Williams or Greg Wesley. Would you do this, or stay with who I've got? Your thoughts and responses would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Trade Advise

    I have a trade offer on the table that I am seeking input and advice on. First, let me give our scoring values for IDP in a 10-team league: Tackles = 2 points each Assists = 1 point each Sacks = 4 points each Fumbles Recovered = 6 points each Interceptions = 6 points each Passes Defended = 2 points each Touchdowns = 10 points We are required to have 4 roster positions for DL, LB, and DB. Of these, 2 at each position start each week. My current IDP rosters include: DL - M. Strahan, B. Berry, T. Suggs, A. Ogunleye LB - J. Vilma, L. Briggs, M. Washington, J. Peterson DB - T. Polamalu, A. Wilson, G. Wilson, B. Dawkins The trade proposal is: I give up: WR A. Lelie DL A. Ogunleye LB M. Washington LB J. Peterson I receive: WR R. Williams DL J. Hall LB A. Pierce LB L. Arrington I would then drop J. Hall and pick up on waivers a player such as J. Allen, B. Fisher, R. Heyward, or M. Patterson. I would also drop L. Arrington and pick up on waivers a player such as D. Williams, O. Thurman, L. Tatupu, or K. Wong. The trade of A. Lelie for R. Williams simply improves my depth. The bottom line question in this trade is this: Is the upgrade to A. Pierce and R. Williams worth the drop off in talent in my backups at DL and LB? I invite your thinking and input.