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  1. Sleepers

    I like the kid from the Chargers, Ladooniana something or other, wears that tinted eye shield on his helmet. Try to draft him if you can. And that young fellow from the Baltimore Colts, he's in all the cell phone commercials and what have you. He's good because he has two good receivers, their names escape me. Those boys have just been lighting up Camden Yards the past few seasons.
  2. Keeper league trade

    I am only looking for validation and pats on the back. It's such a good trade for me that I wouldn't have dared offer it to anyone for fear of being laughed at. It's like if you found $100 in the street, you would be dying to tell someone.
  3. Keeper league trade

    Last year a lot of teams kept 2 RBs (same as this year) and 4 of the first 7 picks were WRs. Westbrook went 1.8, McGahee 1.10. I would bet that Parker, Henry, Brown or McGahee will be there at 1.7. And I agree with you about D Williams, I see him doing well this year. Is he a stud RB that I could have built my franchise around, or is Bush better long term? Impossible to say for sure, as they are both 2nd year players. But I feel strongly that Bush's ceiling is higher and he will be my keeper for the next few years.
  4. new Cowboys stadium?

    The stadium looks cold and evil, just like Jones himself. Best team in sports -- hmm, T.O. is on your roster...let's see, idiot malcontent, the antithesis of team player, spits in opponents' faces. Pure Dallas Cowboy, a real Jerry Jones kind of guy. Jones would sign Osama bin Laden if he thought he could win him a title. Then you have a QB who botched the hold for a chip-shot field goal that cost the team a playoff win (can you say, poetic justice??). If "best" is ambiguous, how are you applying it? Hottest cheerleaders? It sure as heck ain't success on the field. Or character, not by a long shot.
  5. Keeper league trade

    Yep, Bush instead of DeAngelo is now my rookie keeper. Each year we can keep one player who was a rookie the previous season. Consensus on this trade is "I can't believe he offered that", so I'm pretty happy. I was dreading this season, now I feel like I can compete and I will learn from my horrible draft mistakes of last year.
  6. Interesting article about SB rings

    They just don't strike me as a GREAT team. I know they have some very good players and they definitely have been explosive at times. I just got the sense from watching the playoffs and SB that they only won because their opponents choked (Pats) or their competition was weaker than what you would see in the postseason most years. I don't see myself watching America's Game in 20 years and thinking of them in the same vein as the 49ers, Steelers, or Cowboys of decades past. But they were good enough this year so hats off to them.
  7. Interesting article about SB rings

    Hopefully next year a better team will win the SB. The Colts are one of the more mediocre teams to win it in recent memory.
  8. Can someone please explain to me what is so inflammatory or even slightly inaccurate about what Mora said? For some reason Vick is still the NFL's sacred cow. I just don't get it. He can be exciting to watch but everyone knows he's lacking as a passer.
  9. Bust might be a strong word, all I know is I went 14-1 and won a league title with him and Cadillac as my primary RBs last year, kept them both and finished dead last this season. Oh don't get me wrong, Eli, Wayne, Dunn, Shockey and some others had something to do with it also. I predicted before the season started that Tiki was going to have a tougher year because of the schedule and Jacobs having a year under his belt, but no one would trade me anyone of value. I never expected the huge dropoff in TDs.
  10. That's another thing, I can't think of one person I know in real life or whose posts I've read in this forum or elsewhere who think Irvin is anything other than a complete idiot who should not a have a job in broadcasting. The only value of his presence is the occasional comic relief when his co-hosts can take no more and call him an idiot. But that is far outweighed by how annoying his voice is. I find it hard to believe that ESPN doesn't do consumer research like most companies do. Do some focus groups in any city across the country, Irvin's favorable rating can't be more than 5%, and that's being generous. How does he still have a job?!?! I know it's been beaten to death, but some things really beg for some kind of explanation.
  11. I don't see how you can look at the Falcons' recent history and come to any other conclusion than that they are unlikely to go far with Vick as their QB, even in the mediocre NFC. To me, that's an objective and accurate viewpoint. Mora gets paid to give his honest analysis, he did so in this case, said nothing inaccurate, in fact went out of his way to praise Vick in other aspects, and lost his job. The fact that Vick is black, or that Mora's son is the HC, should have no bearing. If he said it about Alex Smith or Charlie Frye, would this be the result? This kind of thing is really infuriating.
  12. So who is ROY now?

    I agree, Ryans has been a beast. Look at this stat line from Sunday: 14 solo tackles, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery, 1 INT, 3 passes defensed. That is just insane. I think the award should go to him only because it seems more rare for a rookie to dominate at middle linebacker like he has. Granted the weakness up front is giving him a ton of chances, but he is a freakish talent with great instincts and a nose for the ball. He can be a top 3 MLB for years to come. I give props to Colston, but we see good rookie RBs and WRs most seasons.
  13. texan homers

    Carr has shown flashes of being a pretty decent QB. He would benefit from some upgrades at o-line and RB, obviously. He has been sacked a ridiculous number of times in his career. And the lack of a premier RB has hurt the offense. You can see a pretty nice upswing in his numbers since Moulds came on board, taking some heat off of Johnson and giving Carr a legit #2 wideout to throw to. I don't follow the team too closely but they seem headed in the right direction with Kubiak. You have to remember how horrible the team has been recently and consider with the salary cap and a limited free agent pool each year, it takes a long time to come back from being that bad. But they have a good nucleus with Carr, Johnson, and on defense Ryans is the best young LB to come around in a long time and they have good young players in the secondary too. I wonder if they would make a huge contract offer to someone like Michael Turner in '07?
  14. Because this team made the playoffs: QB Vince Young WR Steve Smith WR Terrance Copper WR Mark Clayton RB LaDainian Tomlinson RB Willie Parker TE Bo Scaife BN Owen Daniels BN Reggie Brown BN Marty Booker BN Braylon Edwards BN Jason Campbell BN Cedric Benson This team has dropped or traded away the following players over the course of this season: Jon Kitna Chris Chambers Santana Moss Chris Henry Frank Gore Chris Cooley Derrick Mason Steve McNair Bernard Berrian Maurice Jones-Drew Reggie Bush Deshaun Foster This is a 16 year old kid who basically picks up whoever has a good game and drops or trades whoever has a bad game. He's 8-5.
  15. Why LT is a cancer that must be stopped

    +1 The more I play FF, the more I see a lot of imperfections when it comes to keeping the playing field level. I think the auction format and the blind bid system for free agents are good ways to minimize the lucky idiot factor. I'm definitely looking to join these types of leagues next season.
  16. Why LT is a cancer that must be stopped

    Actually I'm 12-1 and I wouldn't mind as much if this kid wasn't shooting his mouth off like he owns the league and is a lock for the league title. Plus as the commish I look at some other teams who drafted and managed their teams much better than he did but will miss the playoffs because of injuries or bad luck with matchups. My dream scenario: he wins the next two and faces me week 16 for the title. SD has already clinched homefield and LT has already shattered the TD record. Shotty yanks LT with 8 minutes left in the second quarter, I win by 100.
  17. Atlanta the worst sports city in the US

    I lived in Atlanta for 13 years and I agree 1000% with this article. Most people I met from other cities agreed that Atlanta was a terrible sports town. Part of the problem is that there are so many transplants from other areas of the country who still root for their old teams. In fact, there are sports bars all over the metro area where people flock to watch their teams -- Jets, Eagles, Cowboys, Steelers, just about all the major market teams have their own bar. There is a core of die hard Braves fans -- mostly native Georgians -- but not enough to fill Turner field for a playoff game. Pathetic. And at every game there is a great number of 20- or 30- somethings who arrive late, hang out in the bar in left field and barely watch the game. It's considered a hip thing to do on a Friday night. People put on their Braves gear, get drunk, do the Tomahawk Chop when prompted, and try to hook up. But the Falcons fans are even worse. In the early 90's when they sucked, all the home games were blacked out on local TV because there would be 10 or 20,000 empty seats. Then they made it to the Super Bowl and everyone was a huge Falcons fan. Then Vick arrived and it really became a joke. Picture a dome full of drunken idiots who don't understand what first and 10 means, and just want to see the QB run for a TD. And speaking of the dome, I'm probably in the minority on this, but I hated that venue in general. Very bland, antiseptic feeling, and bad acoustics. Butt ugly from the outside too. An eyesore in my opinion. I know they built it to attract Super Bowls, but their climate is perfect for outdoor football. They should have made it a retractable roof or maybe put greed aside and built something aesthetically better for the area -- an old-school outdoor football stadium. But I know that's a naive thing to wish for. The Thrashers have the most passionate and knowledgable fans. I'm not a hockey fan at all but my best sports experiences were at Thrashers games. Not a bad seat in the house, lots of good promotions and just an electrifying experience overall. After every goal by the home team, they lower a huge Thrasher head from the ceiling that spits fire and you can feel the heat in the stands. Too cool. As for the Hawks, you would never even know there was an NBA team in the city. And Atlanta has a large urban community, you would expect to see more support. It was nonexistent. I heard stories about them handing out tickets to people on the street just to fill the lower seats for TV purposes. Not sure if that's true or not but that is how little support they have. Maybe 5 or 6,000 fans on a weeknight.
  18. 3 Marginal RBs

    Standard performance scoring. Starting SJax and need to decide between Mike Bell, Jacobs or Turner. I'm leaning toward Jacobs since the Giants should have no trouble with Houston and may elect to give Jacobs more carries and I think he's likely to score at least one TD. Thoughts?
  19. +1. I drafted Colston with my very last pick because of the buzz I read on these boards and I've been starting him as a TE. The rest of the league hadn't even heard of him. One owner has been whining about it but no one else cares. Thanks mostly to him and McNabb, I'm 8-0.
  20. Tiki ripping into critics

    And all the more stinging because Tiki is not known as someone who just shoots his mouth off and what he's saying is obviously so true. It's refreshing when someone so high profile has the guts to call a spade a spade. As someone who loathes Irvin to the point where I can barely stomach ESPN's pregame show, I'm really enjoying this story.
  21. Deion was at T.O.'s house today. He's saying the suicide talk is false and T.O. is going to try to play against Tennessee on Sunday. T.O. is in good spirits and just had a bad reaction to pain meds. Deion also reveals that he once attempted suicide. I wonder if the method was listening to his own commentary on a continuous loop, that would do it for me.
  22. TOs Press Conference

    I love me some T.O.! Wish I drafted him this year, he went too fast. Guys were really snapping him up while I was busy drafting idiot RBs. So I don't have this luxury, but to the rest of you, start 'im if you got 'im! Tennessee is a juicy matchup. I'd kill myself if I played for their secondary!
  23. T.O. Taken to Hospital

    I agree that it was probably a "suicidal gesture" rather than an actual attempt to end his life. It's somewhat common, a lot of teens cut their wrists for attention, and taking a bunch of pills with someone right there is obviously not a serious try to kill oneself. I've never cared for T.O.'s attitude, I've even said I hate him, but I had no idea he had a serious mental issue like this. I really hope he gets well.
  24. What happened to that option play that everyone is raving about, the one that shows the coaches are such geniuses for better utilizing Vick's strengths? All that hype about Dunn and Vick running wild and confusing defenses? Looked like the same old Vick last night, the dopey confused look on his face, the terrible passes, the fumbling...this team is going nowhere with Vick as their QB. If they make the playoffs, the better defenses will neutralize his running and force him to um, pass, and then it's over.