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  1. I see these guys available in my league. Should I grab one or stick it out with Grant & Peppers? Which DL would you drop? Robert Mathis, Indy -- 6 sacks already. At least one per game thus far, plus 16 tackles and 3 forced fumbles. Orpheus Roye, Cle -- Has also been solid with 26 tackles thru 4 games. Those are the 2 that jump out at me. These are also available: J. Reed (NYJ - DL) K. Edwards (DET - DL) J. Smith (CIN - DL) M. Reagor (IND - DL) J. Allen (KC - DL) C. Griffin (WAS - DL) A. Odom (TEN - DL) L. Tripplett (IND - DL) Thanks! Matt
  2. Dropped Ed Reed and Charles Grant for Chris Crocker and Orpheus Roye. I like both of these guys and their matchups coming up. I think Cleveland's defense is on the upswing and both of these guys should continue to produce. They can't be any worse than the guys I dropped...
  3. Dropped Reed & Grant

    I'm not a guy to give up on potential studs...I'm holding on to Peppers. Ed Reed, I'm sorry, I hung in there with ya but 2 points a week doesn't win me the title bud. I couldn't trade him for a ham sandwich. I like my new-look D now: DL Peppers DL Roye LB D. Edwards LB M. Peterson LB Brooking DB Archuleta DB Crocker bench: DB Dawkins
  4. Ike Taylor Greg Wesley Troy Vincent Chris Hope Who would you want for the remainder of your season and why? Thanks from a novice IDP player.
  5. Ed Reed

    Amazing. Was just looking at Reed's 2004 stats...In 11 games he recorded 2 or 3 solo tackles, and in only 5 did he have more than 3. All the INTs were what made him a monster, especially the 2 INT game and the one he returned for a TD against Cleveland. I'll take a 3 point day from a DB if I can get a 10 pointer once in a while this point I feel like I should cut bait with Reed. The explanation about teams avoiding him makes sense. Ditto the #2 CB theory. Good stuff, thanks.... Hopefully Reed will do something against Cleveland so I can sell high.
  6. Ed Reed

    I have the same question, and I don't know enough about defensive schemes to make an informed decision. For offense, it's easy...for example, I have Reggie Wayne and his numbers are down this year. But I know the Colts have changed to emphasize running the ball and their defense is much improved, so they don't need to throw as much. When I look at Reed or my "stud" DLs Peppers and Charles Grant, all I see are pathetic numbers week after week and I have no idea why. Have these teams changed their schemes, or are their opponents doing a better job of accounting for them, or is another player now the stud at that position? I wish there was more info available about valuable free agent IDP players, start/bench recommendations, and just defensive schemes in general, to help understand how to play the matchups.
  7. RB Jesse Chatman traded to the Saints

    Jesse was solid last year. He played quite a bit as LT had that lingering groin injury. Should be interesting to see what he does for the Ain'ts.
  8. There were only 3 IDP veterans at our draft, and several guys who openly scorned the defensive players, opting for backup RBs and WRs before taking their first LB or DL. I'm currently second in the league at 3-1. I thought I drafted some studs here but a few have been busts. We start 7 IDPs, here are mine: DL Peppers DL C. Grant LB Edwards LB Brooking LB Mike Peterson DB Dawkins DB Ed Reed Bench: DB Archuleta I had Witherspoon and Thurman but injuries on offense have cleaned me out. Would I be nuts to drop Grant, Peppers or Reed? Who are the hot free agents in leagues these days? I'm finding very little IDP advice out there... Thanks Matt
  9. Rate my Defense!

    We start 2 DL, 3 LB, and 2 DB. Scoring is 1 pt/tackle, 2 pts/sack, 3/INT or fumble recovery, 6 for a defensive TD. No points for passes defensed. I guess I'll hang in there with Reed, Peppers and Grant for another week. I'm in second place at 4-1 and play the worst team in the league this week. If these guys are still missing in action after that, I'll start shopping for replacements. Some DLs available in my league: R. Mathis (IND - DL) J. Reed (NYJ - DL) K. Edwards (DET - DL) J. Smith (CIN - DL) M. Reagor (IND - DL) O. Roye (CLE - DL) J. Allen (KC - DL) C. Griffin (WAS - DL) A. Odom (TEN - DL) L. Tripplett (IND - DL) Are any of these worth a shot?
  10. Panthers Report

    Can ANYONE tell me what's up with Peppers?
  11. T.J. Houshmandzadeh

    The hand sounds bad and I read it will be a game time decision. I picked up Jurevicius and will most likely start him. Joe has shown he can get open in the end zone and he's starting against a very suspect Rams D.
  12. Who's rolling with Pittman this weekend?

    Going with S. Davis and Dunn. I'm very close to putting Pittman in over Dunn but I need to know more about Cadillac's status. I also have Caddy in the garage and a fungus called Kevin Jones.
  13. Most Consistent Player You Own

    My LBs are Edwards, Brooking and Mike Peterson, and all 3 have been very solid thus far.
  14. I came sooooo close to dropping him. I have him and Peppers as my starters so I've been really hurting. Grant's points last week were the difference between winning and losing (won by 8).
  15. I have Peppers, Ed Reed and Charles Grant, three guys who were supposedly huge studs and haven't done jack for me thus far. Grant finally had a good game last week. Hoping Reed can pick off Harrington on Sunday, and I'd be happy with one $^&ing sack out of Peppers at this point....