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  1. Theismann

    You guys nail Theismann every week. I don't like him either, but IMO, one guy that is about a trillion times worse is Michael Irvin. Oh how I despise that idiot.
  2. 12 teams, performance scoring. 10 yards/pt rushing/receiving, 6 pts for TDs. My RBs are: SJax, K. Jones, M. Bell, Rhodes, M. Turner I'm concerned about my RB depth. Jones is crap except against weak defenses, Bell is now buried on the depth chart and Rhodes isn't getting it done. My WRs are: S. Smith, Roy Williams, Reggie Williams, Colston, Glenn. It's a Yahoo league so I can start Colston at TE. Thinking about offering Smith for Taylor. Solidifies my #2 RB spot, I figure Minnesota is going to keep giving him a lot of carries and their schedule featues some soft matchups. Plus Smith seems a bit fragile lately and I think this may be a good time to sell high. Good move? Thanks for any input.
  3. Giants Vs Seahawks.

    Before the season started, I thought this could be our year. Eli in his crucial 3rd year as the starter and seemed poised for a breakout season, Tiki with hopefully one year left, improvements on defense, etc, but from what I've seen the past 2 games, I almost hope we miss the playoffs so we don't embarrass ourselves again. I don't think we have the coaching or the attitude of a champion. We're missing leadership on offense...Eli clearly isn't there yet, and you have malcontents like Shockey and Plax who poison the character of the team, then you have all the penalties, the lack of discipline...I don't see this team going far into the playoffs anytime soon. Maybe later in Eli's career when some of these idiots are gone and we've replaced some of this dead weight.
  4. Wondering what you guys think of Gerald Hayes. I'd expect more tackles from a MLB but he's made some plays -- 1 sack, 1 FF, 1 PD, 1 INT in 2 games. Is he just an average tackler who got lucky with some big plays or would you expect better tackle numbers going forward? Seems odd that an MLB is available in my league and I'd consider him as bye week filler. My other choices are: C. Emmons, Thomas Howard -- nice tackle numbers thus far A. Crowell -- big game last week Bart Scott -- can THREE Raven LBs be worthwhile starters? He already has 3 sacks, expect this to continue? 1 pt solo/pd, 2 pt sack/ff, 3 pt INT/FR, 0 pt assist. Thanks for any advice.
  5. Randy Moss

    Anyone else see a contradiction with this statement? Hint:
  6. Giants Homers

    Shockey did not practice but is expected to start. He had a big game at Seattle last year. Tiki will start.
  7. Should I Pick up FA WR? HELP

    I've already dropped Mark Clayton in a couple of leagues. Until the Ravens have a game where they need McNair to really air it out, they are going to continue to play a conservative ball control type of offense, and Mason and Heap will always be the top targets regardless. I think Clayton is a great talent and will have some good games, it's just hard to predict when. So he's too risky to start, IMO. I like Cotchery, Jenkins, Berrian in that order.
  8. Most Disappointing Teams Through 2 Weeks

    I'm really disappointed in the Giants. Tough loss to Indy but not unexpected, sure...but they blew a lot of opportunities in that game. Against the Eagles they did everything they could to lose the game...Eli was sacked 8 times, they were penalized at least 100 yards, which killed their momentum at key moments, and most surprising to me, they gave McNabb all day to throw the ball. What happened to the best pair of DE's in the league from last year?? Everyone is saying what an emotional comeback win it was, but I say this team needs to get on track quickly or they will be lucky to crack .500. There certainly was a lot of luck in that win on Sunday.
  9. Arizona IDP question

    IMO Shiznit's question was a reasonable one and Keg seemed to flame him for no reason. Shizit's reply to that only made it worse. Can we put the pissing match aside for a second...I'm also interested in Haye's future with Dansby returning. If anyone knows the answer or has an educated opinion, I for one would love to see it. Thanks, enjoy week 2 all...
  10. Portis OUT

    But I can still win with Bush and Rhodes, right??
  11. Seeing some good things written about Josh Bullocks and Terrence Holt lately. Both are available on my waiver wire. Would either be an upgrade over Sanders or Boulware? These guys didn't exactly blow me away with their production week one, and in this very competitive league I need as many points as I can get. Thanks for any advice.
  12. QB who do I pick up

    Pennington but I'm baked out of my mind right now.
  13. Merriman

    Last year he had 10 sacks and 43 tackles in 15 games as a rookie. He looks just as dominant if not more so, and already has 3 sacks. He gets to play Oakland again, plus KC twice and some other crappy teams so I'd say 14-16 sacks is a good bet. Tackles are hard to predict but 50 plus the 16 sacks would make me happy in this format. The occasional PD, FF, etc will be icing on the cake.
  14. Merriman

    I grabbed Merriman in a league that gives 3 points for sacks but only .5 points for tackles and none for assists. In that format I think he has an edge over the stud MLBs, or is at least just as valuable. He'll get a lot of sacks, a fair number of tackles, plus he's a playmaker who is a good bet for the occasional FF, PD, etc. I think Porter is a good guy to grab in that type of format also.
  15. I picked up Brian Simmons and was planning on starting him against KC. Figure they will try to run LJ down their throat all day. I did this even assuming Peterson starts because I'm thinking he's not 100%. Bad move? My other LBs are Z. Thomas (already played), Brooking, and Morgan. I can start 4. Thanks for any advice.
  16. Start 4 DL/LB, 2 DB, plus 1 flex. Since the format allows 5 LBs, I didn't bother drafting DLs. Any concerns with these guys? They are all ranked high but I'll admit I don't know much about Andra Davis, A. Winfield, M. Williams, or Witherspoon. Who are my potential breakout candidates and potential busts? LB: Keith Bulluck London Fletcher Antonio Pierce Andra Davis Will Witherspoon Nick Barnett DB Adrian Wilson Madieu Williams Antoine Winfield There are some good players on waivers, should I drop any of the above and go after them? LBs available: Demeco Ryans Adalius Thomas Kawika Mitchell Derrick Johnson Larry Foote Pino Tinosamoa Gerald Hayes Brian Simmons DBs: Sammy Knight Ike Taylor Kerry Rhodes DeAngelo Hall Kenoy Kennedy Chris Hope Dunta Robinson Greg Wesley Thanks for any advice.
  17. Drop Brooking?

    Think you must be talking about Ed Hartwell. Don't scare me like that.
  18. FOX Sports prove themselves to be botards

    Aw, but it's a Ford. Too bad.
  19. Getting cold feet

    So I drank the kool aid and drafted this turd in a couple of leagues and now I'm having serious doubts. I received the below newsletter today and it talks about how putrid Detroit's o-line is. Plus jeez, it's Detroit. They are going to have a terrible offense this year, right? Somebody give me a counterpoint here, I'm considering dumping him for whatever I can get...Foster, T. Jones, Gore, whoever...
  20. Sunday is coming

    Sounds like some lucky kids. Do you manually adjust your post count after every post?
  21. Did Anyone Remind Their Wife?

    We just had DirecTV with Sunday Ticket installed yesterday. Girlfriend is a huge Eagles fan and will watch their games on another TV while I surf thru the rest of the games with fantasy implications. We've talked about it and she seems cool with the arrangement.
  22. Mike Peterson

    Anyone news on this? I know he left in the 1st half with a sprained knee, didn't get to see the rest of the game.
  23. 12 teams, 7th pick, 13 rounds, QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, K, Def. 1: R. Brown 2: Palmer (she knew QBs would go fast, 10 QBs taken by end of the 3rd round) 3: T.O. 4: Gates 5: C. Taylor 6: D. Mason 7: K. Jones 8: J. Horn 9: Giants 10: Maroney 11: M. Jones 12: Stover 13. H. Miller Final roster: QB: Palmer (no backup but some teams have 3 or 4 QBs) RB: Brown, K. Jones, C. Taylor, Maroney WR: TO, Mason, Horn, M. Jones TE: Gates, Miller K: Stover D: Giants I think she'll make the playoffs. $$$ for top 3 teams.