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  1. Delhomme not sharp last night

    PD -- did you happen to see Dan Morgan, if so how did he look?
  2. Rate my draft!

    12 team competitive league, 6th pick. Performance scoring. Start QB, 2RB, 3WR, W/T Flex, TE, K, DEF, LB, DB, def. flex. I like this team. Final Roster: QB: Warner, McNair RB: Tiki, K Jones, M Bell, D Rhodes, Morrency, Moats WR: Harrison, Mason, Glenn, Michael Clayton, Jennings, Baskett TE: Watson K: Akers DEF: Tampa Bay LB: Z. Thomas, Mike Peterson, London Fletcher DB: Polamalu 1. (6) T. Barber 2. (19) M. Harrison 3. (30) K. Jones 4. (43) D. Mason 5. (54) M. Bell 6. (67) T. Glenn 7. (78) K. Warner 8. (91) Mi. Clayton 9. (102) D. Rhodes 10. (115) B. Watson 11. (126) Z. Thomas 12. (139) M. Peterson 13. (150) T. Polamalu 14. (163) S. McNair 15. (174) D. Akers 16. (187) Tampa Bay 17. (198) G. Jennings 18. (211) L. Fletcher 19. (222) V. Morency 20. (235) R. Moats 21. (246) H. Baskett
  3. Rate my draft!

    Using the Huddle's rankings, he was by far the top option there. Chambers, Williams, Driver went right before him, then S. Moss, A. Johnson. I considered Moss but he seems streaky and I have a really good feeling about Baltimore with McNair at QB. They have looked sharp. I don't buy that "hook up" baloney, I look at the top players available. Both picks were best value IMO at the time.
  4. Are "Rate My Team" posts...

    I like to see if I get any input before I start typing "now in the 4th round there were 3 QBs taken, and I thought Mason was the best value there...." and make it a 10 paragraph epic that no one will read. Sometimes a person's first reaction is the best -- maybe your QBs just suck, it matters not if there was a run on QBs and you didn't see the point in chasing it when a top tier player at another position was there. Just bottom line, do you like the team or don't you? If someone questions a pick, that's when I would provide the background on that decision. Also I disagree that it's necessarily an ego stroke, I think there are some very knowledgable posters here, thus I would value their input on weaknesses on my team, trade ideas, etc. I want the angles I didn't see.
  5. Draft Night

    Knock off the nonsensical posts, n00b. Asking for advice in an advice forum. The unmitigated gall......
  6. Draft Night

    Thanks, made my day.
  7. Draft Night

    Seems like a huge waste of time to comment on thread after thread that you deem worthless. If it's such a burden to endure the endless stream of nonsensical posts, you're obviously a glutten for punishment. 5 years, 32,000 posts worth. And many of them are "343443434.7765444, give or take .000001", or "I like the player who will score the most points." So people asking for advice or input on their teams in a fantasy football advice forum is nonsensical, but the same unfunny cliches typed into every thread is valuable how, exactly? Let me know if this gets me added to your ignore list, if not I can keep going.
  8. Rate my draft!

    I figure I've got 2 starting RBs as of today for my #3 and 4, then 2 guys playing behind injury prone backs. I liked what I saw from Glenn the other night, and I'm hearing that Clayton is healthy and motivated to play like '04. Jennings and Baskett, pure upside late picks. Hopefully one lives up to the hype. I skipped the top QBs in favor of RBs this time around, I normally don't do that. I think Warner and McNair will be serviceable with some big weeks. All 4 of my IDP guys are studs, ranked consensus top 5 everywhere except Fletcher who is 8 according to the Huddle. Like I said it's a competitive league and I went after value where I could.
  9. Rate my draft!

    I thought that was funny the first time I saw it.
  10. IDP Rankings already posted?

    +1 (respectfully). I'm getting more and more involved in IDP leagues. So far most of my opponents have looked at defensive players as an afterthought, so I've been able to draft a lot of studs. I have a feeling this will change over the next few years as IDP gains popularity, so it would be great to see more in-depth analysis of the middle and low tier players, similar to what we have for offensive players. A few of my league mates have surprised me with sleeper LB picks that I wasn't aware of until I did some digging. I'd like to know about those guys before my drafts!
  11. No! It's a tie: Nickolai Volkov & The Iron Sheik!
  12. McNabb from Nich Barnett

    Did you guys hear Yahoo added IDP this year?
  13. Bonds is hard to beat. Here's a guy that everyone agrees is just a miserable prick to be around, he takes people who has been loyal to him and throws them under the bus, cheats on his wives, hell, cheats at his own profession by taking every performance enhancing substance known to man, then when the evidence is overwhelming that he did so, thumbs his nose at the world and continues to go about things as if nothing is the matter, dragging a once proud sport thru the mud. He's both the most recognizable icon in the sport, and at the same time, its biggest disgrace and best example of everything that is wrong with MLB. His presence is a disgrace to the game. Say what you want about T.O., or any athlete that's been an ass to the media, or tested positive for drugs, or had a DUI, none of them hold a candle to Bonds. No one has damaged a sport like he has. It's hard to imagine anyone ever being worse.
  14. TheGrunt becomes a Huddler Pro

    Um yeah, Ray Lewis was hurt for most of last year.
  15. TheGrunt becomes a Huddler Pro

    With all the storm clouds on the horizon, is T.O. still a top tier fantasy WR? Late round 2, big money league, all the other stud WRs off the board, still take a chance on him or go after Wayne, Driver, Roy, Plax? Seems like the experts are sticking by their guns on him, but I wonder how many are betting their own money?
  16. Hey Bill ... go to the tape

    I don't think it's a HUGE deal by T.O. standards, but I was struck by how he seemed to blame the coaches for giving him too many reps in practice, and that caused the reinjury to his leg. "I'm not going to take ALL the blame..." It's just amazing to me, at his age, after all he's been thru in the league, that he just can't help himself from saying stuff like this. He's incapable of tact, discretion, grace...choosing to keep certain opinions to himself. This is a big deal because it's a glimpse of what's to come, IMO. The season hasn't even started yet and we're seeing the old T.O. already. Those who said he learned his lesson appear to be wrong thus far. How long before Parcells gets fed up and just rips into him, and T.O. does the predictable and mouths off about him to the media? Or mouths off about Bledsoe after a bad game? This is a powder keg waiting to explode. As a Giants fan, I'm in mode.
  17. Post 1,000 on the way.......what will it be??
  18. Tiki Barber is another one. Tireless worker, selfless teammate, a genuine, humble, no BS kind of guy. He was written off as too small to carry the ball for 3 downs, a fumbler, a little role player who would never be the featured back. His turnaround is inspirational because he did it thru sheer will and hard work. He's not blessed with the size or ability of a lot of guys at his position, so he's had to work extra hard to get to where he is. I think he is the epitome of a role model...others in life may be smarter or have advantages you don't have, but you can achieve anything if you work hard enough. Tiki's numbers the last few years speak for themselves...the spikes in yardage, and he fumbled just once last year. He's also intelligent and articulate, and I for one will enjoy watching him on TV a HELL of a lot more than that idiot Michael Irvin.
  19. Hey Bill ... go to the tape

    You know, Glenn looked amazing the other night and that rookie wasn't too shabby either. They've got a couple good RBs and a great receiving tight end in Witten. Bledsoe looked sharp and I think they could go far with the offensive weapons they had on the field against NO. I would have enormous respect for them if they dumped T.O. right now, but I know it isn't going to happen. Jerry Jones admitting he was wrong would be like Bonds admitting he took the juice.
  20. 2006 NFL Survivor Challenge

    San Diego
  21. Hey Bill ... go to the tape

    Speaking as a Giants fan, don't ever change, T.O.!!! I love you man, keep it up. Speak your mind every day and make sure there are plenty of cameras and microphones around.
  22. I'll second that. A complete prick to everyone around him by all accounts, and now is in the process of further eroding baseball's reputation. If/when he finally breaks Aaron's record, I think it will be a very sad day.

    This is why I think the discussion is stupid. If Young and Rice were on different teams, but their numbers were the same, it wouldn't matter that they were a "hook up". Points are points. Everyone says "if the situation presents itself"...but duh, if the situation presents itself to draft a top tier QB and a top tier WR, you do it. Basically what we're saying is that we take the best players regardless of who they play for. Which again, makes this discussion pointless. IMNSHO.
  24. This year my league dropped a DL spot and added a flex. I drafted an extra LB with the assumption that they score the most points. However we also changed the scoring somewhat (changes in bold): 1 pt tackle (solo only), 2 pt sack, 1 pt pass defended, 2 pt forced fumble, 3 pt INT/Fum recovery. The commish eliminated assisted tackles after last season because LBs were outscoring all but the top WRs. He also added points for passes defended and forced fumbles. This would seem to help DBs. Given this scoring, would you give DBs and LBs about equal weight? Another consideration, we only start 1 DL, and there were only 11 drafted in a 10 team league. My IDPs: LB: Z. Thomas, Peterson, Brooking, D. Morgan DB: Boulware, B. Sanders DL: Jason Taylor Thanks for any opinions.